Get the Best Proven Path to Create and Fill Highly Profitable Programs!
You have a divine purpose to make a bigger impact with your expertise - and you’re feeling the call to step up and lead at a higher level. 

It’s time to expand your reach by offering your own profitable online courses. You’re ready to earn great money with more freedom. You deserve a thriving business that supports your lifestyle (without taking over your life). 

My Lucrative Launch System is exactly what you need to create, market and sell your online programs. 
“I show you how to turn your ideas into 6-figure leveraged income streams.”
With your course, you get customized private sessions with one of our Irresistible Marketing Coaches. They help you craft captivating copy so you stand out and get noticed in a crowded online world. 

They help you implement your launch plan with optimal results - they’re by your side every step of the way.

So if you’re…
  • ​Sick of struggling with online marketing that gets ignored
  • ​Disappointed with your past launch results
  • ​Unclear about how to create and fill courses online
  • ​Tired of only trading your time for dollars
  • ​Frustrated with playing small in a business that limits your income
...This could be exactly what you need!
“I’ve mentored 1,000’s of clients since 2008 on how to create truly irresistible copy, offers, and launches...”
I pulled from my investigative journalist background to create my first hot-selling course in 2008, “E-Zine Articles Made Easy.” When I made $1,600 in 60 seconds during my first sales presentation… I knew I was on the right track. 

My clients loved it and asked for more. So I started offering courses on how to craft sizzling website copy - and that brought in over a million dollars in sales! 

My mentoring evolved to support entrepreneurs in creating lucrative launches, responsive email lists and client-attracting online programs.
“I’ve earned over $8 million in my business - and the BEST part is the positive impact I get to make in the world.”
My clients are creating amazing results with their own courses. They’re changing more lives while expanding their profits, freedom and fulfillment. It’s SO inspiring to celebrate their growth. 

I’m passionate about showing entrepreneurs like you how to create and fill online programs because it’s the ultimate sustainable business model. 

You can boost your freedom at the same time you boost your profits - and have plenty of time to enjoy your life. All while making a bigger difference with your message.
Jennifer Russell
Spiritual Mentor

"I made $39,000 launching my program!"

“Before working with Vrinda my language was too high and people couldn't relate.  I was using words that people didn't understand. Inviting people to know about ascension wasn't an urgent problem. I also didn't have a clear vision of how it could work. I had low turnouts to my monthly teleseminars and classes. I was trying to put it all together myself and working way too hard at it. 

Vrinda is smart and she is incredible with finding the right words that fit what I'm doing. Even though my niche was outside of the box, she helped me come up with some genius titles and ideas that were super effective. Vrinda's mentoring style is cutting to the chase and I respond to that really well.

Within the first month I did my first mini launch and made $6,000. Vrinda and her coaches helped me get real really fast. I'm celebrating 3 successful launches! My mini launch flowed in $6,000. My Money Miracles Masterclass launch brought in $12,000. And my Abundance for Lightworkers Summit, followed by another Money Miracles Masterclass earned $21,384. With all 3 launches I brought in over $39,000!"

Dr. Amy Day
Women’s Health & Hormone Expert
“My 1st launch brought in $12K!”

“Before working with Vrinda I had a full 1:1 practice and no room to grow without compromising either my health or my family time. I felt stuck. I was feeling stagnant and it bothered me to have a growing waitlist. Seeing more 1:1 patients (dollars for hours) was not an option, so leveraged online groups felt like a good direction to go. 

In the 5th month of my year with Vrinda, I did my first launch. It brought in $12K total. 590 opted in for my eBooks, and we had 35 applications and 23 Strategy Sessions. 50% of the sessions were sales.

Vrinda holds a big vision for what's possible. That's hard for me to always be in that mindset when I'm caught up in the day to day work. And she is able to hone in on what I most need and is really honest and straightforward. I know this is good for me even when it's not what I want to hear. She also keeps it fun, laughs a lot and is very loving and supportive.

I feel excited about what's possible, instead of feeling stuck. I feel confident in my offers, and grateful to have help from Vrinda and Brieanna! There's a sense of freedom that comes with knowing that I can grow and make more money and make a bigger difference, and still maintain my commitment to health and family as well.”
Sarah Hutchinson
Yoga Teacher Mentor
“I now have over 9,000 people on my list and range from $12,000 to $17,000 in my launches!”

“I was divinely guided to Vrinda. As soon as I saw her first video online, I knew that she was my mentor to take me to the next level. So here I am at the next level. I’ve had a very successful launch where I tripled my numbers. I learned how to write hot copy and get really hot titles that resonate with my audience. I now have over 9,000 people on my mailing list and averaging $12,000 - 17,000 in my launches. Thanks to Vrinda and all the coaches at Irresistible Marketing.”
Lisa Meisels
Online Visibility Strategist
“I had my first 10K month in March this year!”

“Before working with Vrinda I had a lack of clarity on my message, audience and value proposition. I was overwhelmed, frustrated and felt like no matter how many courses or coaches I hired, no one could help me. It was costing me money to run my base operations for the business, but I was not bringing any money in.

Then things changed when I joined Vrinda’s program. I had my first $10K month in March this year. Working with Vrinda’s program helped me believe in myself and commit to growing my business. It helped me really step up. The relationships built over the year were priceless. I met wonderful people who I still meet with weekly to mastermind.”
Sue Paananen
“I increased my monthly income by 10x and grew my business to 6-figures!”

“When I first started with Vrinda’s program, I was still in a full-time job hoping to grow my business so I could quit my job.

Working with Vrinda really helped me charge what I’m worth and enroll my ideal clients. In just 1 year, i increased my monthly income by 10x and grew my business to 6-figures! 

Vrinda’s program was life-changing for me. I’m now out of my job and running a successful business I love.”
Christine Callanan
Wellness Mentor and Teacher
“I easily enrolled 10 new clients in my first $997 program.”

“Before the program I was frustrated and felt I was wasting a lot of time. I kept starting and stopping on ideas because I couldn’t see the bigger picture, so I would doubt that I had chose the right pathway. 

I started booking talks and enrolling clients into my program. I easily enrolled 10 new clients in my first $997 program. The experience helped me get more clear on my ideal clients. I’m finally offering something that is really unique to my experience, instead of what I thought clients wanted.”
Jacki Brown
Kundalini Yoga Teacher & Acupuncturist
“My first launch created $20,000 and 25 clients.”

“Before working with Vrinda I had so many great ideas of how I could help the world be a better place but I had no idea where to start. I felt confused and overwhelmed. I wasn't sure which idea fit me the best and I had no idea who my ideal client was. I was stuck in a dollar/hour mindset and system of stagnant income. 

After I started working with Vrinda, within the first month, I raised my prices and sold 3 packages which equated to $4,500. Then my first program launch created about $20,000 and 25 clients. I truly see my life becoming more and more what I want it to be with more freedom, more income and best of all having created a much bigger impact on the world!”
Karen Vago
Nutrition Expert
“I’m making over $15,000 a month and tripled my list!”

“Before working with Vrinda, I was struggling to make ends meet. I knew I had a great way to help people but I was just not finding enough people to help.

The month I launched my first group program I brought in $29,200!

I have been very successfully following Vrinda’s system and last year thoroughly enjoyed a 6-figure business making $170,000.

Life is good! Oh and my list went from 900 to over 6000!”
David Swihart
Changemakers Career Coach
“I’ve made over $20,000! My confidence in myself and my program has skyrocketed!”

“Before working with Vrinda I was stuck. I knew I had something to offer, but I was not clear on who I wanted to work with and how I wanted to work with them. Because of my lack of focus I didn’t have any clients or even possibilities. I found myself very frustrated and ready to give up. I also knew I needed to market online, I had no idea where to begin, so I knew I needed help. I was overwhelmed. 

I started seeing results immediately as I began working with Vrinda’s modules. I’ve made over $20,000 with my program. My confidence in myself and my program has skyrocketed. My family life has improved greatly because now I know what I need to do and I get it done!”
Dana Rayburn
ADHD Coach and Author
“I made $25,000 in my program launches.”

“Before working with Vrinda I didn’t know what I needed to do to create group programs. This limited my income and the number of people I could help. 

While working with Vrinda my first launch made $15,000 and my second launch made $10,000. I now have started a program that brings in $5,000 a month, this will increase. My life has been so impacted that my husband has quit his job and now I have the ability to support my family.”
So let’s do this together! Here’s a sneak peak at what’s inside my Lucrative Launch System.
My proven formula teaches you these 9 key elements. PLUS our specialized Irresistible Marketing Coaches help you craft irresistible website copy, clarify your offers, and plan your launches. You’ll love the in-depth guidance that’s tailored to your specific needs.
Your Lucrative, Lifestyle Business Model

I show you how all your programs and services fit together so it’s easy to enroll clients from one course to the next. I help you simplify your offerings so you work less and make a bigger impact - and enjoy more profits.

You also get my complete training on how to turn your experience and expertise into a hot-selling online program. From finding your perfect topic, to structuring your course for the best learning experience, to packaging your offer with irresistible copy - I’ve got you covered.

Your Premium Program Launch Plan

One launch plan does not fit all! You need a specific strategy to fill high-ticket premium programs. You get the complete formula to attract qualified potential clients online and transform them from interested to invested.

I highly recommend having a premium program launch because you’ll be able to serve clients even more deeply. This way, it’s easier to have a 5-figure or 6-figure launch even if you don’t have a big email list yet.

Your Irresistible Launch Website

Too many people get sidetracked by expensive complex website designs that don’t get marketing results. And too many people never launch because they’re unclear about what to put on their website and how to make it effective. 

You get the step by step blueprint for the exact pages you need and where they go. You also get support to craft captivating copy for every page so you inspire clients to take the next step.

Powerful Joint Venture Partners

One of the most important parts of a successful launch is attracting your right-fit potential clients and growing your email list. The single BEST way to do this is by having referral partners, or Joint Venture partners, who promote you. 

I show you how to find great JV partners. You learn how to get their attention and inspire them to promote your launch. Whether you have an email list or not, you discover the steps to make powerful alliances that boost your program sales.

Captivating Launch Webinar

A webinar event is an essential element of your launch to build trust and increase enrollments. When you do it right, your webinar keeps your ideal clients riveted and makes them excited to join your program. It can even double your launch sales. 

You get the complete formula to create your own enrolling webinar. I walk you through the proven steps to make your offers with clarity, confidence - and success!

Engaging Launch Emails

These are the rocket fuel of your launch. Short, compelling emails attract 1,000’s of your ideal clients to your website. They grow your list fast and they’re the most important element to get your program noticed by the right people. 

You get the exact steps to craft engaging launch emails that get a huge response. You learn how to inspire more people to open your emails, click to your web pages and join your program.

Facebook Groups Marketing

This is the BIGGEST social media hub to find your ideal clients. I show you how to harness the power of free Facebook Groups to easily boost your program sales and expand your reach.

Expand with Summits and Giveaways

This is the most effective list building strategy to attract 1,000’s of your ideal clients in just a few weeks. Multi-speaker Summits and Giveaways are promotional collaborations with other entrepreneurs. They’re a great way to get known in your industry and make high-impact joint venture partnerships. Hosting one of these virtual events will rapidly grow your visibility online...and make your program launches way more profitable.

I give you the complete proven formula to create and host business-boosting multi-speaker summits and giveaways.

Your Scalable Program launch plan

A scalable program is a lower ticket course that’s a great first step for your ideal clients and allows you to help a lot more people. 

You can sell scalable programs online automatically - making sales 24-7, even when you’re on vacation.

I show you exactly how to create and fill scalable programs. With your sizzling sales page, your client-captivating videos, and your buzz-building launch plan - you’ll be ready to quickly enroll 100’s of new course members.

So What’s Your Next Step?
If you want access to my Lucrative Launch System for the quickest path to profitable results with the least amount of effort (skipping over costly trial and error), then let’s talk and see if it’s right for you.

Our coaches have limited availability to provide 1-1 support for this course, so hop on this now if you want to be considered. 

Your next step is to apply for a no-risk private Lucrative Launch Strategy Session. You’ll get to talk to me or one of our coaches personally to explore the best fit for your business growth needs. 

We’ll help you get crystal clear about what it will take to create and fill highly profitable online programs of your own.
Take a few minutes to answer these confidential questions. Then we’ll be in touch soon if you’re approved for a no-risk Lucrative Launch Strategy Session.

We look forward to connecting with you!


Vrinda Normand and The Irresistible Marketing Team