Let’s launch the next level of your 
lucrative, lifestyle business!
I’ve opened up a few spots for 1-1 private mentoring with me. You could be the right fit for this if you’ve already grown your business to 6-figures. 

You’ve gained some momentum with online marketing. Maybe you’ve already filled some programs and grown your email list. Maybe you’ve had success leading live events.

And now you’ve hit your income ceiling. You need a breakthrough - and it’s not going to come from cookie-cutter formulas that you get in most group courses. At your current level, you’re working too much for too little profit. Because let’s face it, a low-6-figure business doesn’t pay for much more than your bills.

Your brand, offers and visibility strategies that you’re relying on now aren’t going to make you a mover and a shaker. You marketing needs more authentic sizzle to make the difference your heart is craving. 

Your vision for your business is much bigger than your current reality. You want to serve 1,000’s of clients with your gifts.
You’re being called to fulfill a higher purpose through 
your business. Settling for anything less feels 
stagnant, limiting and boring.
You want a business that runs like a well-oiled machine so you can focus on sharing your genius with the world. Do what you love instead of exhausting yourself trying to wear too many hats.

You crave the TRUE benefits of being an entrepreneur…
  • ​Leveraged income that continues even when you’re not working
  • ​The freedom to step away for a month or two with peace of mind that the business is still humming along
  • ​Generous profits that give you multiple 6-figures a year in take-home income (after all operating expenses are covered)
  • ​Your online legacy that shares your message 24-7 (programs, videos, eBooks, webinars)
  • ​The flexibility to create your own work schedule (even go part-time if you want to) and adopt your business model to support your desired lifestyle
  • ​The joy of doing what you love while you delegate the other roles in your business to people who are great at doing them
If this describes your vision, you’re in the right place. 
I’ve been honing my expertise in copywriting, online marketing, program and offer creation, online and offline sales, and leveraged business building since 2008. I’ve mentored thousands of clients in these areas and supported many of them in growing profitable multi-6-figure and 7-figure businesses. You can see some of my case studies on this page. 

I’m SO proud of how my clients soar with clarity and confidence. I take complex strategies and simplify them so they’re easy to implement. 

I’ve been told by many people that I’m the best when it comes to crafting marketing messages that perfectly express your value and get a huge response. The proof is in the pudding.
Kathleen Graham: From Startup to Over Half a Million
Rebecca Walker: $600,000 in the Health Niche
Sunil Bhaskaran: Exploded with 6-Figure Launches
Ka Sundance: Made Millions while Traveling with Family
Christina Morassi: Ecstatic Growth Beyond $500,000
Laura Cornell: Over $500,000 with Divine Feminine Yoga
Linda Albright: Fast Leaps to $250,000
I’ve made $8 million from filling my own programs through lucrative launches and live events. 

My experience has brought me to the mastery level when it comes to optimal sales and marketing success.

  • ​I’ve created 20 program launches that each generated 6-figures in sales.
  • ​I’ve led a high-end yearlong training program for 8 years, and it has brought in up to a million dollars each year. 
  • ​I’ve hosted 15 live enrollment events and achieved a consistent $10,000 per head average for upsells. I’m a master at creating valuable educational experiences that inspire people to invest highly in themselves. 
  • ​I’ve hosted 8 telesummit and giveaway collaborations that attracted 5,000-10,000 participants each.

I’m a whiz at maximizing results at each step so you can enjoy the biggest rewards with the least amount of effort. Here’s why I’m passionate about this…

I believe your business should support the life you want – not take over your life. 
Then you can truly show up at your best, feel inspired and enjoy the creative freedom of being an entrepreneur. 

I’ve designed savvy business systems and boundaries that protect my lifestyle. Over the past decade I’ve worked just 25-30 hours per week while taking 6-8 weeks off for vacation every year. Now that I’m a mom, I work even less.

My experience has taught me A LOT. I’ve made some costly mistakes – so you don’t have to!
I help you grow with more ease, speed and profits.
That’s why having a great mentor by your side is so valuable and essential. 
  • I champion you and hold you at your highest potential – even when you have doubts. 
  • ​I hold you accountable to taking the powerful steps that will “move the needle” in the biggest way for your results.
  • ​I guide you on the most effective, leveraged path to achieve your goals so you don’t get sidetracked or set back. 
  • I help you clarify a captivating brand that showcases your unique value. We craft truly irresistible titles and copy for your offers so you stand out.
  • ​You come away with the clarity and structure to expand your reach, leverage your sales and boost your profits.
Your plan is customized so it’s right for you – I don’t use a one-size-fits-all approach. 

It might include successful online program launches, or fun list building collaborations, or life changing live enrollment events, or filling a high-end group of deeply committed clients.

We might focus on one or two powerful strategies to create steady, profitable growth…or we might choose a more intensive path to skyrocket your sales.

I help you optimize for the best results every step of the way (I’ve figured out what works – and what doesn’t - so you don’t have to waste time with trial and error).  

My clients have created 6-figure and 7-figure growth in their businesses – and I would love to help you achieve this too!

You could be the right fit for private mentoring with me if…
  • ​You’re already earning 6-figures in your business
  • ​You’ve started growing your email list and online presence
  • ​You have some experience filling groups – either through online marketing or live events
  • ​You’re committed to taking consistent action to grow your business now
  • ​You take full responsibility for creating the results you want
  • ​You’re willing to try new things and step outside your comfort zone
  • ​You’re ready to step up to the next level of your leadership and impact

If this sounds like you, then let’s talk and see if we’re a fit to work together. Complete the confidential application below to get started.

Please note – spots are extremely limited as a I only work with a handful of private mentoring clients at a time. If you’re interested, take the next step now because this window will close very soon.

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Vrinda Normand

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