How to Make a Bigger Impact, Earn More and Work Less by Creating Your Own Profitable Online Program...
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You’re About to Discover the 4 Essential Stages to Package Your Expertise into an Irresistible Program That Sells…

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

Your business is a powerful expression of your Divine Purpose. You were born to make a big positive impact in the world - and you are needed!

If you’re passionate about empowering 1,000’s more people, and you’re ready to create a business that gives you freedom, abundance AND fulfillment - this is for YOU!

It’s time to expand your reach and grow beyond the limitations of only offering 1-1 services. It’s time to finally make the bigger difference your heart is craving.

This is totally possible for you...

You can absolutely have a lucrative, flexible business that makes a big impact, and gives you the freedom to work less. I know it’s possible because I’ve done it. And I’ve helped 1,000’s of clients do it too.

I used to worry that serving more clients would mean working so hard I’d get burned out and have no life balance. But that’s not the case at all!  

My Lifestyle Business allows me to reach more people with Irresistible Online Programs, and I’m able to attract paying clients 24-hours a day, even when I’m not working.  

I am so grateful to have a business that lets me enjoy my life! I have lots of free time to spend with my daughter Emily. I love having the flexibility to work from home so I can see my little girl whenever I want to. She brings me so much joy!

I take great care of myself because it’s so important for me to give from an overflowing cup. I do yoga, I go on hikes in the forest and by the beach. I workout and get massages every week. I also love to sing a type of Indian spiritual music called kirtan. This is my favorite way to connect with the divine.

The best part is — I’m more deeply fulfilled because my programs are empowering 1,000’s of entrepreneurs all over the world. My message is helping more people lead happier, higher quality lives.

I’m deeply passionate about empowering entrepreneurs like YOU to create the same level of abundance and joy in your life. You deserve to be paid well AND enjoy plenty of freedom as your business grows.

Online Programs Are the Easiest Way to Make a Bigger Impact, While Working Less...

Imagine having…

  • Deep happiness and fulfillment knowing you’re sharing your gifts in a big way 
  • No ceiling on your income! 
  • You’re free to make $100,000’s doing what you love, without burning out 
  • Raving fans who love the transformation and results they get from working with you 
  • The flexibility to work part-time and run your business from anywhere 
  • Truly Irresistible Online Programs that easily attract 100’s of your ideal clients
“You are READY for this!”

Increasing your impact with hot-selling online courses is the most powerful way to serve more clients and make the difference you were born for.

You’re in the right place if you’re…   

  • Frustrated and limited by only offering 1-1 services
  • Unfulfilled because you’re not making a bigger impact
  • Afraid of burning out because you’re working too hard for too little money
  • Unclear about what kind of program you can offer or how to get started
  • Unclear about how to create a successful program that sells
“I’ve walked this path and learned from personal experience the proven system that WORKS…”

Here’s how I got started in 2008.... 

I hired business mentors to show me how to create profitable online programs. Their guidance, combined with my research and communication skills from my background as an investigative journalist, helped me develop my first client-attracting offer. 

My initial program, “E-Zine Articles Made Easy,” made $1,600 in 60 seconds during a sales presentation… and that’s when I KNEW I was on the right track. 

I enrolled my new clients into coaching packages and my momentum grew. This program really launched my business into success.

Then came the moment when it exploded...

During the first 2 years, I had a comfortable coaching business, but I still felt unfulfilled. I knew I wanted to make a bigger impact with my message and serve a lot more people. 

I decided that staying small wasn’t going to work for me anymore. 

I committed to growing to the next level by expanding my online group programs. I invested business mentors who taught me how to get to the next level. 

That’s when I launched one of my most successful programs, the Irresistible Online Sales System... and it has brought in over a million dollars in sales!

It just kept getting better from there…

I took smart risks, and my programs propelled my business growth. My clients consistently create amazing results and they help us spread the word. 

I’ve attracted over 100,000 people to my community, and my Irresistible Online Marketing training company now serves clients in over 12 different countries.

My programs have earned over $8 million and the BEST part is the impact I get to make. Leveraged courses allow me to touch 1,000’s of lives all the time - and I can do that without burning out or working too hard.

It’s the ultimate sustainable business model that frees me up to give more and enjoy an amazing, abundant lifestyle. 

I want that for you too!

Over the past 10 years, I mastered the art of creating truly lucrative, life-changing courses.

I’ve become so passionate about sharing this with YOU because my programs have allowed me to make a profound difference for 1,000’s of entrepreneurs…Way more than I could ever do in 1-1 sessions. 

I’ve also seen too many entrepreneurs getting burned out from overgiving - and not receiving enough abundance to fill them up - and I don’t want you to get stuck in that trap. 

So, even if you don’t have an idea for a program yet, my system is designed to show you the way. 

If you’re ready to increase your impact, freedom AND income, then I invite you to join…

Here’s what you’ll get from the Irresistible Online Programs course…
  • You’ll be crystal clear and confident about exactly how to package your expertise so your program stands out!
  • You’ll have a truly Irresistible Online Program that changes lives and attracts 100’s of your ideal clients…
  •  You’ll feel more empowered as a leader and truly be living your Divine Purpose 
  •  You’ll know in your bones what makes you irresistible and unique 
  •  You’ll have the foundation for your lucrative, lifestyle business so you can finally make great money...working less!

Kathleen Graham
The Love Magnet Mentor

“I did just under $300,000 for the year. I didn’t work very much either!! Very, very part time.”

“Before working with Vrinda I had a vision, tons of passion and 25 things I wanted to do with women... but I wasn’t sure what to call it or who to market to. I didn’t have the foundation.

After working with Vrinda, we put together my whole program. What the modules were, what to call them and it was that spot on! 

In my first soft program launch I was able to bring in $50,000. Now, I’m a hell of a copywriter. I know how to speak to the women I want to serve. 

And, in my most recent launch, I enrolled 75 women in my intro course. 10 of them enrolled in my new yearlong program for a total of $176,000 in sales! Over all I did just under $300,000 for the year. I didn’t work very much either!! Very, very part time. 

I just followed her steps, trusted the process and I showed up fully. The growth is so fulfilling. Thank you Vrinda!”

Jennifer Russell
Spiritual Mentor

Within a month I did my first mini launch and made $6,000. Then I grew and earned $39,000 from my program!

"Before working with Vrinda people couldn't relate to my marketing language. I also didn't have a clear vision for how my marketing could work. I had low turnouts to my monthly teleseminars and classes. I was trying to put it all together myself and working way too hard. 

Within one month of working with Vrinda's program, I did my first mini launch and made $6,000. Vrinda and her coaches helped me get there really fast. Then I celebrated two more successful launches. My Money Miracles Masterclass launch brought in $12,000. And my Abundance for Lightworkers Summit, followed by another Money Miracles Masterclass earned $21,384. With all 3 launches I brought in over $39,000!"

Rebecca Walker
Wellness Center Owner

“We added 278 people to our list and brought in $29,778 in program sales so far, and we’re still going”

“Using Vrinda’s system, what we found is marketing is so easy. But it wasn’t always this way... we wasted 1,000s of dollars trying different marketing strategies and hiring other experts that could not get it right.

Since working with Vrinda, we’ve had some amazing results! We added 278 people to our list and brought in $29,778 in program sales so far, and we’re still going.

And… My close ratio for the last 3 months is 100%. The reason for that is I changed the messaging.

This was the single best marketing investment I have ever made!”

Laura Cornell
Yoga Teacher Mentor

“I doubled my list and grew my business from $20,000 to $200,000 in 1 year!”

“Since working with Vrinda, I’ve successfully filled several group programs for yoga teachers, I’m serving more people and enrolling clients at a higher level.

In just 1 year, I’ve grown my business 1,000%, going from $20,000 to $200,000! In that same time, I doubled my list to 7,000 of my ideal clients – it’s incredibly responsive and growing fast!

Cinder Ernst
The Knee-Friendly Fitness Coach

“My list has tripled and my income has doubled!”

“Before working with Vrinda, I had a teleseminar and no one came. I was in the wrong niche for a year!

I knew I had something to offer, but I didn’t know how to how to package it or deliver it.

Thanks to working with Vrinda’s programs, I have a clear niche and the words to attract my ideal clients. My list has tripled and my income has doubled – I’m consistently making $10,000 a month because I’ve created my Signature System and a premium program that sells. Vrinda really helped me get paid what I’m worth!”

Karen Vago
Nutrition Expert

“I’m making over $15,000 a month and tripled my list!”

“Before working with Vrinda, I was struggling to make ends meet. I knew I had a great way to help people but I was just not finding enough people to help.

The month I launched my first group program I brought in $29,200!

I have been very successfully following Vrinda’s system and last year thoroughly enjoyed a 6-figure business making $170,000.

Life is good! Oh and my list went from 900 to over 6000!”

Val Heart  
The Real Dr. Doolittle Expert Animal Whisperer

“I made $25,000 in 1 month!”

“A year ago my business was struggling on the brink of bankruptcy. Working with Vrinda, I found renewed hope for my business.

I’m filling my virtual programs successfully and in my biggest month I brought in $25,000 in sales. I also got the confidence to raised my rates, and I’ve enrolled VIP clients for packages up to $4,200.

My business is on track to bring in 6-figures this year – I feel unstoppable. Thank God for Vrinda! She saved my bacon.”

Connie Viveros
Master Integrative Life Coach

“I launched my first program and earned $12,500.”

“Before working with Irresistible Marketing I felt confused by my area of focus and who my target audience was. I was not getting a return on my time/energy investment of ‘chasing prospective clients’. It was exhausting trying to keep my practice filled! 

I launched my first program and earned $12,500. I’m filled with gratitude and grace by the work I do. The women in my program have all experienced shifts and insights that would not have been possible without this program. I feel a great deal more confidence in my abilities as a coach and mentor.”

Nicole Young
Mentor for Women Entrepreneurs & Community Builders

"My business earned $175,000 in just 8 months since I met Vrinda."

"Before working with Vrinda in 2011, the business I owned with my husband was struggling financially – to the point where I was digging for spare change in my couch so I could buy groceries for my family. 

We had a big community but we weren’t getting results from the offerings we were putting out there. The response was “crickets. 

After hearing one teleseminar with Vrinda, I realized some major marketing mistakes we had been making and something huge shifted for me. Within 2 weeks, I launched a new program with my company that made $80,000. 

I then started working more closely with Vrinda’s programs and saw even more results. The copywriting skills I learned contributed to a wildly successful product launch that earned $40,000 in 2 weeks. Over an 8-month period our business earned $175,000!”

David Swihart
Changemakers Career Coach

“I’ve made over $20,000! My confidence in myself and my program has skyrocketed!”

“Before working with Vrinda I was stuck. I knew I had something to offer, but I was not clear on who I wanted to work with and how I wanted to work with them. Because of my lack of focus I didn’t have any clients or even possibilities. I found myself very frustrated and ready to give up. I also knew I needed to market online, I had no idea where to begin, so I knew I needed help. I was overwhelmed. 

I started seeing results immediately as I began working with Vrinda’s modules. I’ve made over $20,000 with my program. My confidence in myself and my program has skyrocketed. My family life has improved greatly because now I know what I need to do and I get it done!”

Dennis Rosenberg

“I’ve added $40,000 in leveraged income and it’s growing fast…”

“Before working with Vrinda, I had a very lucrative consulting career. But my time was spent trading dollars for hours, only working 1-1 with clients. Vrinda really helped me distill down exactly what kind of product and program I could sell successfully.

Since I honed in on my market, my clients are finding me! In just five months, I’ve generated about $40K in additional revenue. Now I have a full-time assistant to serve clients and have built the system and infrastructure so that I can be on target for making $250K this year.”

Rose Cole
Holistic Nutrition Coach

"We brought in over $50,000 in sales in just a couple of weeks!"

“For me, copywriting used to be this unknown, scary monster. I thought I could just avoid it. But as I learned more about Internet marketing, I realized it’s the most valuable skill. Vrinda helped make it a lot easier and even fun.

With what I learned from Vrinda, I’ve been able to create information products and programs that sell themselves online. I’m doing less, spending less time selling, and reaching a lot more people. I recently had two great program launches where each brought in over $50,000 in sales in just a couple of weeks!

Seeing those orders coming in is so exciting, almost addictive. My email inbox was filling up with sales even while I was on vacation."

Dr. Amy Day
Women’s Health & Hormone Expert

“My 1st launch brought in $12K!”

“Before working with Vrinda I had a full 1:1 practice and no room to grow without compromising either my health or my family time. I felt stuck. I was feeling stagnant and it bothered me to have a growing waitlist. Seeing more 1:1 patients (dollars for hours) was not an option, so leveraged online groups felt like a good direction to go. 

In the 5th month of my year with Vrinda, I did my first launch. It brought in $12K total. 590 opted in for my eBooks, and we had 35 applications and 23 Strategy Sessions. 50% of the sessions were sales.

I feel excited about what's possible, instead of feeling stuck. I feel confident in my offers, and grateful to have help from Vrinda and Brieanna! There's a sense of freedom that comes with knowing that I can grow and make more money and make a bigger difference, and still maintain my commitment to health and family as well.”

You need these 4 stages to create your 
Irresistible Online Program…
Stage 1
Discover Your Enticing Program Topic

In this stage, you’ll learn...

  • 5 Steps to Market Clarity Magic - Get to know exactly who your ideal clients are and how to attract them with the most irresistible words
  • “Find what sells” Ideal Client Interview Questions - Discover what they want, and what they’ll invest in
  • Program Topics Made Easy - You’ll get lists of the hottest-selling topics to choose from, including the most urgent problems people will pay big money to fix now
  • My action guide to “Position Your Message for 6-Figure Success” - This is the #1 most powerful process to get crystal clear on your program topic
Stage 2
Design Your Program for Sales Success

In this stage, you’ll learn...

  • 7 Steps to Package your Expertise for Profit - how to turn your experience into a powerful program
  • The easy checklist to Confidently Position Yourself as the Expert in your field
  • 7 Steps to Crystal Clear Program Creation - Design your program in a way that’s effective and attractive to your ideal clients
  • Proven Hot-Selling Structures for Low-Ticket and High-Ticket Online Programs
  • 7 Secrets to Make Your Program Valuable and Life-Changing
Stage 3
Package Your Program with Irresistible Copy

In this stage, you’ll learn...

  • Lists of Client-Captivating Words to describe your programs - this makes it super easy to write compelling website copy
  • The Irresistible Formula to package your program for sales success - This is my unique system to describe your program sections, so your ideal clients are excited to join
  • The 7-Step Checklist for a Sizzling Program Title that Stands Out
  • 10 Time-Saving Title Templates for Programs That Sell
  • 7 Steps to Make Your Offer Stand Out and Sizzle
Stage 4
Get Clients with Your Pilot Program Launch

In this stage, you’ll learn...

  • The proven steps for a mini launch that earns $5,000 - $10,000 - fast!
  • The simple website blueprint to enroll clients into your course with ease, no matter where you’re starting from.
  • The schedule and template for your launch emails so you can get noticed by your right-fit ideal clients.
My clients use this program creation system to consistently generate amazing results.

Lynn Schulte
Intuitive Hands Physical Therapy

“I’m finally on track to earn over 6-figures in my business!”

“Since working with Vrinda, I’m finally on track to make over 6 figures in my business for the first time in 10 years! 

I didn’t even know what my program was going to be when I joined her program, but it all became clear as I took the steps she provided. 

I was able to launch my first online program and made over 5 figures in just a month, thanks to the steps and guidance of Vrinda’s program. 

I have felt so supported, and I know exactly what I need to do to get results again and again! Thank you Vrinda!"

Linda Albright

“I increased my income to $158,000!”

“When I showed up at Vrinda’s doorstep I had been in the coaching field for over a decade and the most I had ever made in a year was $11,000. 

Vrinda gave me confidence, the formula to make money with my gifts, and the mentoring that made a huge difference. 

Last year I increased my income to $158,000! My life has changed with those kinds of earnings. 

This year I’m on track to make multiple 6-figures. I am so grateful and so indebted to Vrinda!”

Christina Morassi

“My business went from $200,000 to $700,000 in 1 year!”

“Before working with Vrinda, I was putting in a lot of effort, and not seeing consistent results. I was making 6-figures, but I never knew where the money was going to come from.

Vrinda helped me turn my passions into a real business with consistent income every month. I now get to serve more clients in thriving group programs and events.

In 1 year my business grew 600% to $700,000 – all due to building a truly leveraged business and being an Irresistible Messenger. I’m so grateful. Thanks Vrinda!”

Brandy Mychals

“I added over 10,000 to my email list, tripled my revenues and grew to 7-figures in 1 year!”

“For years I worked with clients 1-on-1 and presented to groups. But when I decided to take my business online I felt nervous.

Now I can say, “Wow.” I learned amazing things from Vrinda and my online business is growing rapidly.

In just the past year I added over 10,000 people to my email list, I created several successful online program launches and tripled our revenues to over 7-figures!”

Rebecca Mar Young

“I enrolled 45 new clients online – all while I was 33 weeks pregnant!”

“My business partner and I are amazed by the results and totally thrilled – thank you Vrinda for your program – I just love it!

We attracted 550 sign ups for our first free teleseminar and then enrolled 25 midwives online in just the first 24 hours of our program launch. We now have 45 people enrolled and have brought in nearly $20,000 in revenues – all while I was 33 weeks pregnant!”

Dana Rayburn
ADHD Coach and Author

“I made $25,000 in my program launches.”

“Before working with Vrinda I didn’t know what I needed to do to create group programs. This limited my income and the number of people I could help. 

While working with Vrinda my first launch made $15,000 and my second launch made $10,000. I now have started a program that brings in $5,000 a month, this will increase. My life has been so impacted that my husband has quit his job and now I have the ability to support my family.”

Christina Heike
Ayurvedic & Naturopathic Health Expert

“I got results instantly.”

“Before the program I was scattered, the structure of my offer was missing. I was overwhelmed and didn't know where to start. It was costing me my peace of mind, contentment, potential clients and income. 

I got results instantly! After the first coaching call and I sold a program the same day. I signed up a client for my half year 8k New Paradigm Freedom Program.

Now I know I am on the right path. This work of trauma healing and supporting people to live cloudless days, journeying inward, embracing themselves for who they are, manifesting their heart song, is my purpose... and I am confident that I can manifest it and live abundantly."

Emilia Nagy
Relationship Coach

“I enrolled 4 clients at $1,997 each, and my list went from 25 people to 2,500.”

“Before working with Vrinda I had no idea what I was offering. I didn't have a sellable program or a hot title. I had no idea how to get clients, and I did not understand the online marketing world.

I knew that my clients were worldwide, but I didn't know how to reach them. I knew I had valuable experience, knowledge and skills that could empower others, but I didn't know how to communicate it. I wanted to make a contribution that was deeper and more personal than the one I was making in my career as a realtor, but I didn't know how to get started.

I signed up because I wanted to be a fulfilled mom who was happy in her life and I wanted to model that to my then 2 yr old daughter. I followed Vrinda's launch templates and I launched right away and I signed up 7 people to my "pilot" program. Then I enrolled 4 clients at $1,997 each, and my list went from 56 people to almost 2500. Thanks Vrinda!”

How to participate...

Get started right away with my Irresistible Online Programs course. You can access the training modules from anywhere and work with them at your own pace. 

The program includes in-depth training videos with easy to follow templates and guides to help you confidently create your own programs. They cover everything in the 4 proven stages listed on this page.    

You get clear action steps with every stage so you know exactly what to do. My system makes designing and marketing your programs fun and easy.  

PLUS, you get this valuable support BONUS 
when you enroll now:
Bonus ($997 value)
In this in-depth online course, you’ll discover:
  • The simple powerful platform you need to add 1,000’s of the right clients (for your program) to your email list
  • ​My unique blueprint to create a client attracting gift that has your ideal clients leaning in, eager for more
  • ​Easy templates so you know exactly what you need to write on every single web page of your lucrative, list building website
  • ​7 steps to making your message stand out, so your website becomes your client-attraction machine
Watch this video to see Vrinda answering common questions about Irresistible Online Programs...
“What if I’m not clear yet?”

If you’re not clear about who your ideal clients are or what to offer yet - don’t worry - you’re in the right place. You’ll get support to discover those pieces once you join Irresistible Online Programs.

This course will help you discover the ideal clients you’re meant to serve and how to package your expertise into the most enticing program for them. 

If you’re committed to serving more clients, you’re ready to benefit from this course.

“What if I’m too busy?”

The fact that you’re busy is a SIGN you need to start leveraging your business with programs. That is going give you so much more freedom!

If you don’t make a change now, you’re going to stay stuck in the dollars for hours cycle, and you’ll never be less busy. 

I want to empower you to create a lucrative lifestyle business that makes money even when you’re on vacation, and allows you to work part-time from anywhere. 

So if you want this, you have to be 100% committed! You need to invest time to create your programs. 

My online course is flexible and you can work it at your own pace. So don’t worry, you can totally fit this into your life. My clients are busy and they do it - and get amazing results. 

Now is your chance to start doing something different so you can have more freedom (and money) in your life. Get a mentor you trust who has experience.

“How do I know if I’m ready to offer programs?”

If you have a calling to make a big impact in the world and you’re committed... you’re ready. You don’t need to know what’s in your program yet, or even what your program topic will be. You’ll get that clarity through the support of Irresistible Online Programs

You don’t even need to have a business or have already taught group classes. To successfully lead a program all you need is to be a few steps ahead of your clients. You can totally do this!

“Will this really work for my clients?”

You’re not alone if you’re wondering how you can you turn your 1-1 work into group programs online and make them effective for your clients. 

I used to offer 1-1 coaching packages, but as I grew, I focused on mainly offering group programs. Then my clients started getting BIGGER results!

When you design them in the right away, so they’re engaging and easy to benefit from, online programs can be even more powerful than 1-1 services.

They inspire a greater commitment to transformation because clients say yes to the full journey, getting the proven process and support they need. Programs also provide more inspiration and accountability because people are motivated by the energy of the group.

They get to see others grow and they witness the power of your program in action. Plus they have connections, feedback and multiple perspectives in the group.

Programs can be the most valuable, empowering experiences for clients.

“How Soon Will I Make Money?”

If you’re wondering, how soon will I make money with this? Let me give you an idea about what’s possible. With your Irresistible Program offer ready, you’ll be able to enroll more clients right away. That could easily happen within the next 30 days or less. My clients tell me all the time that when they do my program, get way more YES’s in their sales conversations. When you have the right words to express your value, people invest! 

Plus I’ll show you how to create lucrative group programs AND private programs. Even if you’re not ready to teach a group right away, you can package your 1-1 sessions into a private program. You can get started with an enticing offer for high paying clients right away.  

I’ll help you get clear on how to do that in the Irresistible Online Programs. And then with the Mini Launch plan to fill your pilot program - I’m giving you quick, easy steps to earn $5,000 to $10,000 in a month. My clients do this all the time.

“Can’t I just figure this out on my own?”

Some people think they’ll know how to create their own online program if they’ve offered 1-1 sessions before. Or they just try to “wing it” by copying other programs they see.

The problem is, I find that most people who do this are missing key elements, and they unknowingly create a course that scares clients away. If your program seems too hard or unclear, people won’t understand the value, and they won’t enroll in it. 

There’s a specific formula for designing a course that 100’s… even 1000’s of people can benefit from. It must be created with a client-attracting sales strategy from the beginning. 

Many clients have joined my programs after years of struggling on their own. It breaks my heart to see the costly mistakes they made and their frustration with staying small. 

Once they learn my Irresistible Program Creation System, they finally get clear on their offer. Soon after that, they’re celebrating wildly successful program launches. That’s what I want for you!

“Who is this for?”

This is for entrepreneurs who offer services like coaching, consulting, and healing - who want to grow bigger with groups.

It’s also for you if you have experience overcoming a challenge, and now you want to help others. If you’re a speaker, author or professional who wants to make a bigger difference with online courses, you’re in the right place! 

Irresistible Online Programs is your next step to grow a lucrative, 6-figure or even 7-figure Lifestyle Business that gives you lots of freedom and fulfillment.

“What will I get out of Irresistible Online Programs?”

This course shows you how to create high-ticket and low-ticket online programs that are designed to attract 100’s of your ideal clients. You’ll be crystal clear and confident about exactly how to package your expertise so your program stands out! 

You’ll come away with a truly Irresistible Online Program that changes lives. You’ll feel more empowered as a leader, and you’ll be prepared to truly live your divine purpose.  

You’ll know how to create the foundation for your own lucrative, lifestyle business so you can finally break free from the dollars-for-hours cycle and make great money... working less!  

Plus, you get the Mini Launch Plan to Fill Your Pilot Program and start enrolling clients you love! If you want a more flexible business that allows you to serve 1,000’s on your own terms, this program is for you.

Still Have Questions?

Got any questions about the course? Our Irresistible Marketing Strategists are here to help you get clear, no pressure at all. Just request your complimentary Clarity Call to speak with our Irresistible Marketing Coach about your best next step by emailing

Press play to see these inspiring success stories:
Peace of Mind Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

I get it. As an entrepreneur, every dollar counts. So let me make this an easy decision for you. I’m so confident that this program will positively change your business that I’m giving you a 100% RISK-FREE opportunity to try it for 1 year from your enrollment date. Use that time to correctly implement the complete system we’ve presented. If you don’t at least make back your investment with us, we'll send you a full refund. You have nothing to lose.

My team and I have worked very hard to create this powerful program and we’ve seen it transform our clients’ businesses. We know it can work for you too.

Hop on board now and get ready to make the 
big impact you were born for!

Whether you’re starting a new business, or you’ve been wanting to expand with online programs, this investment will come back to you many times over - and will continue to pay off for years to come.

I’ve personally seen entrepreneurs waste a ton of time and energy creating online programs that got no response. I don’t want you to struggle like that! 

If you’re ready to take the leap, you need to follow a mentor and a proven formula. 

My program creation system has earned over $8 million dollars in my company - and that’s not including the millions more it’s created for my clients. My system is proven to work, over and over again.

Here’s just 1 inspiring example. My client Linda Albright came to me after struggling for 10 years as a coach. She didn’t know how to package her expertise and she had only made $11,000 in her business that year. 

After crafting her irresistible program following my system, she had a successful $50,000 launch in a month! Then she had another lucrative launch, and now she’s grown a thriving 6-figure business. 

See the dozens of success stories on this page. They’re REAL and you’re welcome to contact my clients to verify their accuracy. 

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“When you’re ready, your teacher shows up.”

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Vrinda Normand

The Irresistible Marketing Mentor

Bari Lyman

"My first big online program launch made $25,000 and added over 800 people to my list!"

"I'm the founder of the Meet to Marry method, which helps singles quickly blast through whatever is getting in their way of finding true love. 

Before I met Vrinda I had this amazing idea... I wanted to help singles! I had a vision, I was going to sell an online course and I had a whole business plan, and what I found was that I couldn’t help really anyone except my few private clients. 

Vrinda's step-by-step formula for creating incredibly successful programs helped us generate over $25,000 in our summer program launch and added over 800 people to our list. 

Since working with Vrinda in 2012, we've grown to 6 figures and for 2013, we're on target to double our revenue."

Ka and Katie Sundance

"We quadrupled our business and had our 5th baby in the same year!"

"We have a freedom-based business that allows us to travel with our whole family. Since joining Vrinda’s program, we have quadrupled our business income! We did it in the same year we had our fifth baby. 

We made four product launches, which is pretty amazing, earning over $150,000. 

If you are thinking about joining one of Vrinda’s programs, I highly support you. You will not regret this investment. It did us so much good. Investing in yourself will create more abundance, joy and meaning in your life."

Yin Ping Li
Spiritual Mentor

“I made $70,000 in 37 days.”

“Before working with Vrinda I wasn’t clear about what my program topic was. I knew I wanted to help people awaken to their divinity, but I didn’t know how to market that. I created a high level 1-1 program and had great results. 

I made $70,000 in 37 days. That was more than my total income in last 7 years. This is a great path for people seeking the divine expansion they will receive for themselves and their lives. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to receive the highest service and amazing benefits.”

Jacki Brown
Kundalini Yoga Teacher & Acupuncturist

“My first launch created $20,000 and 25 clients.”

“Before working with Vrinda I had so many great ideas of how I could help the world be a better place but I had no idea where to start. I felt confused and overwhelmed. I wasn't sure which idea fit me the best and I had no idea who my ideal client was. I was stuck in a dollar/hour mindset and system of stagnant income. 

After I started working with Vrinda, within the first month, I raised my prices and sold 3 packages which equated to $4,500. Then my first program launch created about $20,000 and 25 clients. I truly see my life becoming more and more what I want it to be with more freedom, more income and best of all having created a much bigger impact on the world!”

Heather Feather
Fitness Expert

“I raised my prices and had 3 clients sign up for my biggest private package of $4,997 and have enrolled 5 people into my online program at $997 each.”

“Before working with Vrinda I was living paycheck to paycheck. I was very stressed and worried about money. I decided to get support because I want to have a family and a bright future, and being 37, it was time to really step into making it happen. 

I started seeing results right away. I raised my prices and had 3 clients sign up for my biggest private package of $4,997 and have enrolled 5 people into my online program at $997 each.

I have so much more confidence now. I have bigger goals and I am attracting more of my ideal clients and higher paying clients. I feel amazing and experience less doubt about myself and what I want.

I chose to work with Vrinda because she is not only business savvy and super successful, but she also has a spiritual approach that I really like and relate with. Vrinda sticks to her guns and tells you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear.  Thank you, Vrinda for the tough love!

Barbara Semple
Healing Coach

“I made $8,000 right out of the gate!”

“For years, no matter how I tried, I was still an unknown with no pizazz. I felt like I was wasting my time. I wanted to give up even though I knew this was what I was passionate about sharing with the world. 

The results were inside of me first. I felt a pure resonance that what Irresistible Marketing was offering was exactly what I needed. I could "see" my future possibilities. Right out of the gate, in my first tester launch, I sold my $1,997 program to 4 clients. It was a great start.

Vrinda and her team of brilliant coaches have shown me by their own examples over and over, what it means to be in 100% commitment to me, and to the passion-driven gifts I share with the world. It is a big deal to follow through to completion with one’s dreams, a journey that continues to improve with age under the right conditions, and in achieving my goals, I am grateful for the services Irresistible Marketing offers.”

P.S. Got any questions about the course? Our Irresistible Marketing Strategists are here to help you get clear, no pressure at all. Just email with your question.

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