Ready to earn more, work less and set yourself up for lucrative, leveraged income?
You only need ONE offer they can’t resist.
And you can rinse, repeat and sell over and over again. 
That’s the key to freedom.
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    I believe you have a Divine Purpose to make a bigger impact with your expertise.
    But you’re not alone. Right now, thousands of entrepreneurs believe the same thing and are vying for the attention of your ideal clients.

    So what makes some programs sell like hotcakes and others fall completely flat?

    How can you stand out above the noise and make sure your program is the one they buy?

    You make it irresistible.

    This means enticing your specific ideal clients by speaking directly to their desires.

    Being honest about your true value without resorting to hype or jargon.

    Inspiring your ideal clients to commit to their transformation and help them envision it for themselves.

    Right now, there are brilliant entrepreneurs out there with ideas that could change lives but their generic positioning and uninspired copy keeps them from connecting with the right clients.

    Lackluster offers are never going to help you reach the level of impact, income and visibility you know you’re ready for.

    Think of the disservice you’re doing to the people you could help but just aren’t reaching right now. They are waiting for you!
    Now is the perfect time to create a lucrative, life-changing online program that makes a huge impact while you work less…
    That’s why you had the dream of starting your own business in the first place right?


    And IRRESISTIBLE online programs that practically sell themselves are your ticket to freedom.

    It’s time to grow your online business, leverage your income and make the difference you were born for.
    But right now, you’re not sure how to do it…

    • Your past marketing efforts didn’t wind up being as lucrative as you hoped and you’re hesitant to dive back in.
    • (I get it. You want to focus your energy on the most effective steps that get results! Words that attract and enroll may be the secret sauce you’ve been missing.)
    • You have a new program to offer, but maybe you’re telling yourself that you just don’t have a big enough following to get noticed.  
    • (Let me ease your mind about this concern. You do NOT need a big following to start selling your program successfully. I’ve had clients start from ZERO and make $10k in their first few months after learning my proven system.)
    • You’re eager to start, but unsure what the best “first step” is to showcase your value while not wasting time or money. 
    • (Solved. Be at this virtual event. It’s a safety measure that protects you against marketing that falls flat! And you’ll come away ready with a hot-selling program you can begin enrolling clients in right away.)
    I have the proven formula to make your offer truly irresistible.
    My system has led to over $8 million in program sales in my business and millions 
    more for my clients.
    You see, over 10 years ago, I had a business teaching entrepreneurs how to write hot copy for their products and programs.

    But it got to a point where I couldn’t possibly add one more client to my roster and that meant I had capped my own income.

    I knew I could be helping more people and making more money if I packaged my expertise and sold it as an online course that hundreds of people could take at the same time.

    Within a year of making the decision to do that, I had tripled my income.

    Then it hit me. I could take the process I used to transition from one-to-one to one-to-many and teach it to other entrepreneurs who were having the very problem I had figured out how to solve!

    I clarified my process into the 5 Stages for Profitable Programs.

    I’ve proven them over and over by teaching more than 5,000 clients in my programs. Many of my students have created 6 and 7 figure income growth by following these steps.

    Here’s the best part…

    I used to sell my system in a course for $997.

    Right now, you can learn the same steps at The Irresistible Offer Retreat for just $197!
    That’s right, I’m offering these insider secrets for 80% off the regular tuition.

    Consider it the “Making a Bigger Impact Together” discount.

    I believe more than ever that we need to support each other in creating positive change through offering online programs that uplift and transform.

    This is my way of pursuing that.

    I love what I do because of the ripple effect it creates by raising consciousness on a global scale. When I help hundreds of entrepreneurs create profitable online programs, they each serve hundreds of clients – and millions of lives are changed!

    Although the cost of the retreat has been discounted, its content hasn’t been. You’ll still come away with your offer clarified and packaged with irresistible words describing it, plus a proven strategy to begin filling it.

    You can start enrolling new clients right away …and easily make $10,000 or more with a mini launch!
    During the Irresistible Offer Retreat, I give 
    you the 5 Proven Stages for a HIGHLY 
    PROFITABLE Online Course.
    You’re going to learn:
    • How to describe the unique value of your program without creating overwhelm or confusion (a common mistake most entrepreneurs make that tanks sales).
    • The #1 marketing strategy to make your offer stand out in a crowded online world and attract clients who are ready to invest.  
    • How to name every part of your program so your clients get more excited to join the more they learn.
    • The 5-Step Mini-Launch Plan to earn 5-figures filling your pilot program (then you can rinse and repeat for even more leveraged income). 
    • The secret to inspired sales! This is my favorite way to melt resistance without ever feeling pushy or salesy.
    • ​Live Copy Makeovers! This is your chance to get my magic touch on your copy to make it stand out and get a huge response. 
    Have questions to see if The Irresistible Offer Retreat is right for you?
    Reserve your complimentary Clarity Call with one of our Certified 
      It’s not enough to have a great idea. You’ve got to know how to package that idea to SELL.
      That means structuring your program so it’s enticing to your ideal clients, and crafting your message so they’re eager to buy! 
      Take a look at these inspiring stories from entrepreneurs just like you who went from struggling to running hugely profitable and leveraged businesses…
      -Alix Rager
      “I made $25,000 in just 45 days!”
      “When I first spoke with Vrinda she made me an incredible offer but I was still only 99% committed and I passed on it. That 1% was holding me back.
      Six months later I decided to join her course and I’m so glad I did! I could have been a lot further along if I had said yes earlier. I was finally getting the support I needed. 
      With Vrinda’s guidance I created my program, my website, and got promotional partners to help me launch. I made $25,000 in just 45 days!
      I am so poised, clear and ready to have my highest income year ever. I’m fiercely committed to living the life I was meant to live. When you say yes to yourself, you can move mountains.”
      -Sunil Bhaskaran
      “We made $120,000 filling our program! Now we have a system that can make money over and over again.”
      “Before I started Vrinda’s program, it felt like I was on the cusp of something really big, but I needed a piece in the jigsaw puzzle. And sometimes when you're too close to your own business, you can't see it. 

      I've been in the coaching industry since 1991, but I didn't feel I was really solid in my marketing. I needed to find what made me unique and stand out.

      Even if you think you know a lot, like I probably did myself, you have to let go of that and try something different. Working with Vrinda, we really fine tuned the messaging, getting clear on the most compelling ways to communicate the value so people invested.  

      To make a long story short, we did two launches to fill our program and made $120,000! 

      Not only that, we have a system that can make us money ongoingly. Cause it's one thing to make money one time, but it's another thing to design an engine that’s going to keep doing it over and over again.”

      -Rose Cole
      "We brought in over $50,000 in sales in just a couple of weeks!"
      “For me, copywriting used to be this unknown, scary monster. I thought I could just avoid it. But as I learned more about Internet marketing, I realized it’s the most valuable skill. Vrinda helped make it a lot easier and even fun.

      With what I learned from Vrinda, I’ve been able to create information products and programs that sell themselves online. I’m doing less, spending less time selling, and reaching a lot more people. I recently had two great program launches where each brought in over $50,000 in sales in just a couple of weeks!

      Seeing those orders coming in is so exciting, almost addictive. My email inbox was filling up with sales even while I was on vacation."
      -Rebecca Walker
      “Vrinda absolutely changed my business trajectory. I’m now making over $600,000 a year!”
      “Vrinda absolutely changed my business trajectory. Before I took Vrinda’s program, I felt completely stuck. We had this amazing online course but our marketing efforts just weren’t working. 

      Working with Vrinda was the single best thing I have said yes to. Her marketing principles served us so well with our online launches, as well as our in-person business. 

      At first, working with Vrinda resulted in my $30,000 program launch. Now this year, I am on track to earn $600,000 - a 53% growth of my company!

      I have the resources to hire more staff, so I am spending more time doing what I want to do, which is work on my business. I also get to take at least 4 vacations a year and spend more time with my sister, niece and nephew. 

      That has changed my life so much, and I am so grateful for Vrinda. This is going to be an incredible journey for you that’s going to help transition your business and give you the financial freedom you want.” 
      If you’re committed to serving more clients and making a bigger impact while working LESS, then you’re ready for this event.
      The Irresistible Offer Retreat is designed to help you leverage your business with an offer that is so expertly packaged and positioned, your ideal clients will not think twice about buying it!

      I know you’re busy.

      But the proven system I’ll share will SAVE YOU TONS OF TIME because you’re going to learn how to create an offer once that sells for YEARS!

      Plus, with my proven system, your marketing will get 10x the results with far less effort. You’ll be freed up to spend more time doing what you love most.

      This is ESPECIALLY important if you feel like you’ve tried every tactic out there to connect with the right clients, to no avail, and you’re starting to doubt yourself.

      Don’t. You have always known you are here to make a difference in the world and you are right!

      Now it’s time to learn how to turn your gifts into an offer your ideal clients are excited to buy.
      Will I get access to the replays 
      of this event?
      Yes. We provide access to the replays of The Irresistible Offer Virtual Retreat for 48 hours after the live training happens. We strongly encourage to participant live because this is designed to be a valuable interactive
      experience for participants who are fully present with the group.

      And let’s be honest, most of the time when people register hoping to watch the replays, they never do. And they miss out on a super valuable training that could have helped them reach their goals.

      I encourage you to set aside the time to attend this virtual retreat. It’s going to magical for your business growth and will SAVE you time. Why? Because it’s going to help you get more sales and results with less effort.
      Irresistible offer positioning is the secret sauce to timeless success with selling programs online.
      No matter what happens with changing strategies and platforms, when you have these pieces in place, you’ll always enroll your ideal clients.

      It’s the ultimately sales security! You’ll have the words to succeed in any format.

      Whether you’re launching your first program or you’re revamping the marketing for an existing one, you’ll walk away knowing exactly what to do to set yourself up for a lucrative launch.

      In just 2.5 days, you’ll discover the 5 Proven Stages for Profitable Programs:

      In Stage 1

      You clarify your irresistible offer positioning to make your program stand out above the competition. You find the bestselling topic that quickly draws the right clients to you.

      In Stage 2

      You craft captivating titles that easily attract highly invested clients. You discover the perfect words to describe your program so it practically sells itself.

      In Stage 3

      You learn how to structure your program for sales success, so clients easily see the value. You make your offer enticing without scaring potential clients away. 

      Then in Stage 4 

      You get the blueprint for a Compelling Program Application Page that attracts high-quality potential clients interested in your offer. This page includes an Irresistible Offer Video to get people excited about your program.

      And in Stage 5 

      You plan your mini launch to fill your program and earn 5-figures or more in a month. Then you can rinse and repeat to keep growing your profits and impact!
      You’ll also…
      • Learn my “inspired sales” method to gracefully enroll clients at any price point – without being pushy or hypey. 
      • Get the courage to charge premium prices for your programs and inspire YES’s from clients you love.  
      • Find the confidence to shine online and share your authentic, unique value. Your ideal clients will be irresistibly drawn to you!
      At the end of these 2.5 days, you’ll not only have irresistible marketing to get amazing results…you’ll FEEL more irresistible.
      And you’ll be ready to skyrocket your business online!

      Where do you want your business to be a year from now? What do you want your life to look like?

      If you can dream it, you can have it. You just need to start taking steps now.
      Have questions to see if The Irresistible Offer Retreat is right for you?
      Reserve your complimentary Clarity Call with one of our Certified 
        Bonus ($297 Value):
        Offer Clarity Coaching
        You’ll get access to 2 live group coaching sessions before the virtual retreat to help you begin clarifying your offer. This will help you get the MOST value out of the work we’ll do together.

        This alone is good reason to save your spot right away so you can participate in these live sessions and get the chance to receive personalized feedback.

        There are a lot of reasons offers miss the mark. Sometimes it’s wording, lack of alignment, or weak positioning. This coaching is going to prevent you from wasting time and money on common mistakes to hold too many entrepreneurs back!

        Pre-Retreat Offer Clarity Group Coaching Session Dates:

        Friday November 4 at 12pm Pacific
        Tuesday November 8 at 12pm Pacific
          -Emilia Nagy

          “I made $8,000 filling my first program, and my list grew to 2,500!”
          “Before working with Vrinda I had no idea what I was offering. I didn't have a sellable program or a hot title. I had no idea how to get clients, and I did not understand the online marketing world.

          I followed Vrinda's system and I launched right away. and I signed up 7 people to my "pilot" program. Then I enrolled 4 clients at $1,997 each, and my list went from 56 people to almost 2500. Thanks Vrinda!”
          -Bari Lyman
          "My first big online program launch made $25,000 and added over 800 people to my list!"
          "I'm the founder of the Meet to Marry method, which helps singles quickly blast through whatever is getting in their way of finding true love. 

          Before I met Vrinda I had this amazing idea... but without online marketing knowledge, I couldn’t really help anyone except my few private clients. 

          Vrinda's step-by-step formula for creating incredibly successful programs helped us generate over $25,000 in our summer program launch and added over 800 people to our list. 

          Since working with Vrinda in 2012, we've grown to 6-figures and now we're on target to double our revenues."
          -Kathleen Graham
          “My husband and I have earned over $3 million from applying Vrinda’s systems. I feel so empowered - I know anything is possible.”
          “While mentoring with Vrinda for 2 years, I created a beautiful business and a very successful platform that I am benefiting from tremendously.

          Vrinda nailed the name of my new brand and niche within the first 5 minutes of meeting me. Since working with her, I went from having no email list to a 10,000 person list at this point. 

          In just the first year, I grew my revenues by $100,000!

          Then I learned how to host a 3-day live event where you offer people the opportunity to work with you in a more intensive year long program. Vrinda taught me how to structure the content and design and deliver my offer. I did about $200,000 in sales in that event and filled my first Wild Women in Love Inner Circle!

          I’ve also applied my copywriting skills to help grow my husband’s business. Between the two of us, we have earned around $3 million dollars from Vrinda’s systems. 

          One of the greatest aspects of working with Vrinda is how much I grew as a woman leader. Now I feel so empowered, I know anything is possible. Working with Vrinda has been an exceptional experience. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to successfully grow their mission in the world.”

          -Linda Albright
          “I made over $250,000 from working with Vrinda. I’ve looked at other coaches out there, and you can’t find the expertise and excellence her programs provide.”
          “When I began working with Vrinda, I was in the middle of getting a divorce, and I had pretty much no business. I knew I had to make a change. 

          So here's what Vrinda provided: rock solid sales, marketing and business training. I've looked at other coaches out there, and you can't find the expertise and excellence that her programs provide.

          You will learn how to launch, when to launch, what to do. The online world can be so confusing. Vrinda will give you a straight path with clear steps to be successful in the business. In addition, you will get her wonderful loving support and mentoring.

          Vrinda was right there with me, helping me deal with the inner stuff as well as the outer stuff.

          The first year I worked with Vrinda, I quadrupled my business to $42,000. And it got better from there.

          The next year we bumped up to $151,000. What that means is, the women I was helping were also making money. And when women make money, the world improves. 

          After that, we hit over $250,000. I could provide for my family, I could impact the world, and I could have fun doing it. 

          So I can't say enough about Vrinda and her mentorship. It's a great choice no matter what stage you're at.”

          Once you learn how to create a program that sells, you can enjoy predictable income that grows even when you’re taking time off!

          • This is the business model you can rinse and repeat as often as you’d like. 
          • It’s the business model that leverages your time and works when you’re not. 
          • It’s the business model for leaders who want to help hundreds or thousands of people at the same time.
          • And most importantly…
          • It’s the business model that sets you FREE, while changing the lives of others in the process.
          And you can learn it all in just 2.5 days.
          Hop on board now!

          Have questions to see if The Irresistible Offer Retreat is right for you?
          Reserve your complimentary Clarity Call with one of our Certified 
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