Give From An Overflowing Cup
Friday, Jan 25, 2019
A good friend recently reminded me about the importance of giving from an overflowing cup. This resonated with me deeply. I have always believed that I need to fill myself up so I can give generously to others while feeling my best. 

I really can’t give from a half full or empty cup. It’s too draining and I can’t show up as my best self.
This happens a lot more as a mom because life is twice as demanding as it used to be.

I often find myself on a very tight schedule that includes taking care of my baby girl (mostly joyful and sweet, sometimes tiring), working part-time (often inspiring and fulfilling, sometimes stressful), and trying to get enough sleep (this can be tough with my insomnia).

Sometimes I can get a massage or go to the gym. I can almost never go to my favorite yoga classes anymore because of scheduling conflicts (and my body is feeling it - ugh).

A few hours after the baby goes to bed at night, I have some downtime to watch tv and hang out with my husband.

It’s so much harder to find time that’s just for me. I used to get this everyday before I was a mom. Now I’m lucky to have it once or twice a week.

I do need to fill my cup up more, and I’m making that a bigger priority. Putting it in my calendar - that’s the best way to make sure you fit things into your life! More self care, more walks in nature, more yoga on my own if I can’t make it to class, more relaxing and reading.

You know what’s funny? During my final month of pregnancy, this was ALL I did. And yet, I was frustrated and impatient waiting for my baby to arrive because she was two weeks late. Now I look back and I feel a little nostalgic about that spaciousness.

At the same time, nothing compares to the incredible love I experience for my daughter. She is the light of my life and things will always be different.

While learning how to integrate is a challenge, I would gladly sacrifice a million comforts for the miracle of being a mom. And hopefully soon with some balancing, this momma will have an overflowing cup!


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