How to Create Scalable Growth and Impact with Your Own Profitable Online Programs!

You have a higher purpose to make a bigger impact with your expertise - and the world needs leaders like you to step up more than ever right now.
It’s time to expand your reach by offering your own profitable online courses!
You’re ready to earn great money with more freedom. 
You deserve a thriving business that supports your lifestyle (without taking over your life). 
Maybe you’ve been thinking about offering programs....and now that most businesses in the world have moved online, this has become a top priority for you. 

Or maybe you’ve tried creating and launching your online courses but it hasn’t been nearly as profitable as you hoped - and you’re not sure how to make it work better.
There’s never been a better time to provide virtual education and inspiration. More people than ever are on the Internet now. 
And they’re investing in online learning.
So let’s get you going!

My Irresistible Marketing Club is the perfect support system to help you create, market and sell your online programs - with ease. 
If you’re…
  • Unclear about creating a captivating course that stands out and sells.
  • Unsure how to fill your programs with plenty of ideal clients so they’re profitable.
  • Frustrated because you’ve had low results trying to fill previous courses, and you don’t know how to improve. 
  • Sick of struggling with online marketing that gets ignored.

...Don’t worry, you’re not alone. And you’re in the right place!

“I help you create hot-selling online programs that represent your unique value and get noticed in a crowded online world.” 

I show you how to package your programs with authentic, compelling copy that gets a huge response, attracting thousands of the right people to you. 
I give you my proven launch plans and strategies to quickly fill your courses with committed clients. 
You can be bringing in $100,000’s by sharing your expertise, helping more people, and working LESS. Yep, you can grow a thriving online business working part-time, on your own terms. 
I’ve done it and my clients have too. Here’s my story...

“I used to worry that serving more clients would mean working so hard I’d get burned out and have no life balance.”

But that’s not the case at all!  
My leveraged online business allows me to support thousands of people any hour of the day, even when I’m not working.  
I am so grateful to have a business that lets me enjoy my life! I love having the flexibility to work from home so I can see my daughter Emily often. She brings me so much joy!
I take great care of myself so I can give from an overflowing cup. I do yoga. I go on hikes in the forest and on the beach. I dance. I also love to sing a type of Indian spiritual music called kirtan. This is my favorite way to connect with the divine.
The best part is — I’m more deeply fulfilled because my programs are making a positive impact all over the world. My message is helping more people lead happier, higher quality lives.
I want this for you too! You deserve to be paid well AND enjoy plenty of freedom as your business grows.
My proven systems and coaching have helped many of my clients grow lucrative 6-figure and 7-figure businesses - see just some of their testimonials on this page. 
This can work for you too. 

“I’ve earned over $8 million in my business - helping thousands of entrepreneurs around the world...”

My clients are creating amazing results with their own courses. They’re changing more lives while expanding their profits, freedom and fulfillment. It’s SO inspiring to celebrate their growth. 
I’m passionate about showing entrepreneurs like you how to create and fill online programs because it’s the ultimate sustainable business model. 

-Kathleen Graham 
“My husband and I have earned over $3 million from applying Vrinda’s systems. I feel so empowered - I know anything is possible.”
“While mentoring with Vrinda for 2 years, I created a beautiful business and a very successful platform that I am benefiting from tremendously.

Vrinda nailed the name of my new brand and niche within the first 5 minutes of meeting me. Since working with her, I went from having no email list to a 10,000 person list at this point. 

In just the first year, I grew my revenues by $100,000!

Then I learned how to host a 3-day live event where you offer people the opportunity to work with you in a more intensive year long program. Vrinda taught me how to structure the content and design and deliver my offer. I did about $200,000 in sales in that event and filled my first Wild Women in Love Inner Circle!

I’ve also applied my copywriting skills to help grow my husband’s business. Between the two of us, we have earned around $3 million dollars from Vrinda’s systems. 

One of the greatest aspects of working with Vrinda is how much I grew as a woman leader. Now I feel so empowered, I know anything is possible. Working with Vrinda has been an exceptional experience. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to successfully grow their mission in the world.”

-Rebecca Walker
“Vrinda absolutely changed my business trajectory. I’m now making over $600,000 a year!”
“Vrinda absolutely changed my business trajectory. Before I took Vrinda’s program, I felt completely stuck. We had this amazing online course but our marketing efforts just weren’t working. 

Working with Vrinda was the single best thing I have said yes to. Her marketing principles served us so well with our online launches, as well as our in-person business. 

At first, working with Vrinda resulted in my $30,000 program launch. Now this year, I am on track to earn $600,000 - a 53% growth of my company!

I have the resources to hire more staff, so I am spending more time doing what I want to do, which is work on my business. I also get to take at least 4 vacations a year and spend more time with my sister, niece and nephew. 

That has changed my life so much, and I am so grateful for Vrinda. This is going to be an incredible journey for you that’s going to help transition your business and give you the financial freedom you want.” 
-Christina Morassi 
“I made over half a million dollars in the first year! Vrinda gave me the tools to do it in a sustainable way.”
“When I first met Vrinda, I had grown a 6-figure business, but I knew that I needed the next step. I was sort of running my business by the seat of my pants. It was time for more systems, for live events. It was time to go a lot bigger and get a lot more grounded. 
Working with Vrinda was absolutely phenomenal. We had my whole year mapped out, with an online program launch and a live event. Then we created the upsell for the live event, into the group program. 

The biggest piece is to really open up to what your mentor can see for you. You really can’t see accurately because you only can see what you know, and what's possible for you is so outside of what you can see and know.

Since working with Vrinda, I have tripled my email list. I had my first live event with over a hundred people. 

In just my first year of working with her, I made over half a million dollars! There's something extraordinary that's happening, and it really feels like I've stepped more and more into my power. Vrinda has given me the tools to do that in a sustainable way.”

-Jennifer Russell
“I’ve increased the enrollments in my yearlong program by 4 times! Finally, I’m earning 6-figures from my business.” 
“I was at a crossroads when I started working with Vrinda. I had wonderful things to offer, I was doing classes online, but I only had a small handful of people attending. I knew Vrinda is a marketing message genius and she would help me with this problem. 

Working with Vrinda I designed my first program on Money Miracles. I followed her systems to fill the course, and it worked within the first month! 

Then she nailed my new brand, Angels of Abundance. I went on to do a bigger program launch. I hosted a summit following Vrinda’s plan that quickly grew my email list. 

I’ve increased the enrollments in my yearlong program by 4 times! Finally, I am earning 6-figures from my business. 

Working with Vrinda has been life changing for me.” 

-Penelope Jane Smith
Financial Freedom Mentor for Women Entrepreneurs
“I made 6-figures from 1 event with Vrinda’s help. My events have become more profitable with higher conversions, and my messaging is more magnetic to my ideal clients.”
“I started working with Vrinda because I wanted to up-level my event sales results and my online presence overall. We totally revamped the copy for my website – it’s hot, it’s awesome, it speaks exactly to my ideal client.
We also revamped how I was delivering my events, live and virtual. And oh my God, we surpassed every goal I set for myself!
When I did my first live event after maternity leave, I generated over $125,000 in sales! Then I turned it into an online event and did over $225,000 in sales!

I can continue to replicate and build on my results with the copy and systems I created with Vrinda. If you’re looking to up your online presence, then you definitely want to work with Vrinda – she’s brilliant.” 

- Jennifer Darling
“I made $120,000 in sales from my virtual retreat! My clients had an amazing experience, and that was super fulfilling.”
“I just wrapped up my first hugely successful Lucrative Leads Virtual Retreat, which Vrinda helped me create. I’ve done retreats before but I haven’t had anywhere near the success that I had in this retreat.

I learned how to take people through a certain process and agenda. I used to just spill my guts with all the information I had to share. I didn’t know that wasn’t a very transformational way of doing it.

With Vrinda I learned how to incorporate more personal development stuff into my business topic. I received tons of emails from people saying they had an amazing experience. That was super fulfilling for me.

In addition, I made $120,000 in sales from this retreat! I have Vrinda to thank for that. She played a key role in making sure every detail was spot on so I could create a transformation for my clients and myself.”

So let’s do this together! Here’s how my Irresistible Marketing Club can help…
The Irresistible Marketing Club is a close-knit, deeply supportive community of purpose-driven entrepreneurs. They're with each other every step of the way as they create and fill their lucrative online courses. They're changing lives together by sharing their unique expertise around the world!
I love witnessing the incredible growth and inspiration in this group. My Irresistible Marketing Coaches and I provide customized coaching and feedback several times a month, and I get to share my proven systems to help our members get better, fast results with their online marketing and sales. 
The Club includes access to on-demand, video-based training modules that show you exactly how to launch your leveraged online business. Below are the 5 Key Elements you learn with the in-depth curriculum we provide. 

Your Profitable Programs
You get my complete training on how to turn your experience and expertise into a hot-selling online program. From finding your perfect topic, to structuring your course for the best learning experience, to packaging your offer with irresistible copy - I’ve got you covered.
I also help you strategically design your programs and services so it’s easy to enroll clients from one to the next. I show you how to simplify your offerings so you work less and make a bigger impact - and enjoy more profits.
Your Lucrative Launch Plan
One launch plan does not fit all! You need a specific strategy to fill your program depending on the price point, niche, your experience level and the lifestyle you want.
I teach the complete formulas for a handful of different launch plans that you can mix and match to fit your needs. Through our ongoing implementation coaching, you’ll get personalized recommendations to pick the best plan to meet your goals.
Whether you want to host a webinar, an online event, a summit, a challenge, offer a free eBook or video series, I give you the best proven strategies for maximum results with minimum effort.
Your Irresistible Website
Too many people get sidetracked by expensive complex website designs that don’t get marketing results. And too many people never launch because they’re unclear about what to put on their website and how to make it effective. 
You get easy blueprints for the exact pages you need to attract and enroll clients. You also get support to write captivating copy so you get a huge response and optimal conversion at every step.
I show you how to make simple, professional looking videos that catch and keep attention on your website. These are a KEY ingredient to attract highly committed clients who enroll in your programs. 
Your Engaged Audience
One of the most important parts of a successful launch is growing your email list with the right-fit potential clients.
I teach you my proven methods for several different types of Joint Venture collaborations (referral partners who promote you with emails to their list). This can grow your list rapidly no matter where you’re starting from – imagine thousands of qualified new subscribers in a single month!
In the Club, you also discover effective ways to boost your online visibility through social media and online speaking.
Your Leveraged Business Model
If you’ve been struggling to break free from the dollars-for-hours model, you need a clear path to build a more sustainable, freedom-based business. One that can scale profitably while you work less. 

But it’s not enough to launch random programs and hope they make enough money. You need to design your programs strategically so they lead to longer-term clients, more sales and more success stories!

The right model will give you the lifestyle freedom you want and the peace of mind that comes with consistent, abundant cash flow. 

We help you design your streamlined business model that works like a well-oiled machine so you can make the impact you dream of - without the stress.
Skyrocket Your Online Business with the In-Depth Support of the Irresistible Marketing Club...

When you join the Irresistible Marketing Club, you get access to…
  • On-demand video training modules that cover everything in the 5 Key Elements to create and fill highly profitable online programs. 
  • ​Monthly live training sessions on new marketing, sales and leadership strategies to grow your lucrative, leveraged business with ease.
  • Twice-a-month (or more) live group coaching sessions where you get personalized feedback from me to optimize your results and skyrocket your growth.
  • ​Marketing Magic Days with in-depth customized group coaching and masterminding. 
  • Ongoing encouragement, connections, resources and inspiration from our caring, supportive community of purpose-driven entrepreneurs.
  • ​At the Gold and Diamond membership levels, you also get private sessions with me or our Certified Irresistible Marketing Coach. 
The 3 C’s That Make This Club Unique…
The first C is copywriting.

Copywriting is THE key to creating a leveraged and lucrative online business that doesn’t drain your time and take over your life.

Copywriting is called sales in print for a reason. Because it allows you to leverage your sales and sell one-to-many instead of one-to-one.

However, while everyone knows how important copywriting is, a lot of people don’t know how to teach it properly.

But I do.

So, along with getting an in-depth training on building a profitable online business, you’re also going to learn the essentials of irresistible copywriting AND have your copy regularly critiqued by my trained Irresistible Marketing and Copy Coaches.

The second C is Content Strategy.

Only about 3 percent of your market is shopping for a transformational or educational program like what you offer.

A much bigger segment of your market is the right fit for it, but they don’t know it yet.

So in your marketing,you need to raise awareness about the value of your program. You need to teach your ideal clients about why they need and want it now!

Your content strategy increases hunger and desire for your program, while building trust in you. This element is critical for creating high sales conversions and keeping your programs full of right-fit clients.

Most other programs leave entrepreneurs with big question marks about what to include in their content strategy, what share, what not to share and how to effectively attract the right clients.

In the Irresistible Marketing Club, you learn from Content Strategy Experts so you get crystal clear about how to showcase your expertise.

The third C is Customization.

Too many courses are cookie cutter and let’s face it - business just doesn’t work that way. One formula does not fit everyone!

Instead of giving you a limited option to grow online, we help you find the right business model and growth plan that fits your level of experience, your lifestyle and your niche.

You can quickly move forward with custom recommendations that work best for your goals.

We provide customized coaching for every important area you would need it, like creating irresistible marketing messages that represent your unique value.

And designing the right lead generating strategies for your offer and niche.

You get plenty of opportunities to ask us questions and receive personalized feedback.

If you’ve experienced information overwhelm in this crowded online world, this is FINALLY the coaching you need to cut through noise and focus on what works best for you.

Then all the pieces can fall into place for your lucrative launch.
-Linda Albright 
“I made over $250,000 from working with Vrinda. I’ve looked at other coaches out there, and you can’t find the expertise and excellence her programs provide.”
“When I began working with Vrinda, I was in the middle of getting a divorce, and I had pretty much no business. I knew I had to make a change. 

So here's what Vrinda provided: rock solid sales, marketing and business training. I've looked at other coaches out there, and you can't find the expertise and excellence that her programs provide.

You will learn how to launch, when to launch, what to do. The online world can be so confusing. Vrinda will give you a straight path with clear steps to be successful in the business. In addition, you will get her wonderful loving support and mentoring.

Vrinda was right there with me, helping me deal with the inner stuff as well as the outer stuff.

The first year I worked with Vrinda, I quadrupled my business to $42,000. And it got better from there.

The next year we bumped up to $151,000. What that means is, the women I was helping were also making money. And when women make money, the world improves. 

After that, we hit over $250,000. I could provide for my family, I could impact the world, and I could have fun doing it. 

So I can't say enough about Vrinda and her mentorship. It's a great choice no matter what stage you're at.”

-Laura Cornell 
“I’ve made over $1.5 Million in sales! Vrinda gives phenomenally clear systems that are easy to follow.”
“When I met Vrinda, I had just done my first telesummit but I didn’t really know what to do with my email list. I knew I needed more support. I needed to uplevel my money consciousness. 

Vrinda showed me what to do and gave me a whole bunch of systems that I was able to implement. She is amazing at structuring, and she gives phenomenally clear instructions that are easy to follow.

Vrinda helped me create the program titles that attracted our audience so I could reach the people that I wanted to help. 

Within one year, I made $200,000, which was kind of incredible because before that I had never made more than $20,000. It's amazing.

My revenues continued to grow each year, as I offered more powerful programs and enrolled clients at a higher level. 

In just 5 years I’ve made over $1.5 million in sales!

-Tori Hartman
“My first two launches earned $50,000 - Vrinda gave me the ability to think bigger!”
“I’m a published author and the creator of the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards. When I met Vrinda I needed to grow my online business and keep up with the visibility my books and cards were attracting.

Even just one session with Vrinda was the most amazing experience. She gave me the bestselling title of my new course right away, Life Purpose Divinations. 

I did two launches for that program earning about $50,000. Then I went on to do more courses and summits that grew my business beyond 6-figures. 

Vrinda is the master at this. She’s brilliant at really tuning in. The biggest thing she gave me was the ability to think bigger

She’s so frickin’ wise. She’s always evolving her content and looking for ways to give to you from her heart.” 
-Ritamarie Loscalzo
“My business is now earning over a million dollars a year! It’s very exciting.”
“In the earlier days of my business I got some copywriting coaching from Vrinda. Had great success with it and carried it through many launches over the years. 

More recently I started working with Vrinda again at a higher level. I was at a point where my business had been growing quite rapidly, but it was exhausting me because I was doing a dozen launches a year. It was not sustainable. 

Vrinda helped me simplify my very complex business plan so we were doing only four launches a year. Then last year I crossed the 7-figure mark in my business! Very exciting.

Vrinda has a way with words and working with her boosted my copy conversion results. We did a couple of really big launches, one had 25,000 opt-ins and doubled our list. 

I learned that I can work less and still make the kind of income and impact I want.” 
-Dr. Amy Day
“I’ve done two successful starter launches this year that increased my revenues by over $20,000! I’m laying the foundation for even bigger growth.”
“When I started working with Vrinda I had a full private practice, and I was tapped out. That’s what drove me to create a leveraged online program. 

I’m used to speaking in ‘doctor language’ so I needed to learn how to describe and market my offers in a way that would attract clients. 

With Vrinda’s help I’ve done two successful starter launches this year that increased my revenues by over $20,000. 

There’s been an exciting shift for me to become a mission-driven business owner and visionary as I continue to grow. I love that my family is supported and inspired by my success.” 

How to Take The Next Step
If you want the proven path to profitable results with the least amount of effort (skipping over costly trial and error), then let’s talk and see if The Irresistible Marketing Club is right for you.

Your next step is to request a no-risk private Irresistible Marketing Strategy Session with me and our Certified Irresistible Marketing Coach. In this 1-1 meeting, we’ll take a close look at your business growth needs. 

We’ll help identify the most costly obstacles holding you back. Then we’ll make a professional recommendation for the most effective strategies to increase your enrollments and expand your business online with leverage and impact. 

We’ll help you get crystal clear about what it will take to create and fill highly profitable online programs that lead to 6-figure or 7-figure growth.

There’s a refundable $97 deposit to reserve your Irresistible Marketing Strategy Session. When we talk, if you decide to continue working with us, we’ll apply this deposit towards your tuition. 

If you decide not to continue working with us, you’ll get a prompt refund of your deposit payment. This deposit is not refundable if you don’t show up to your session. 

I recommend reserving your Irresistible Marketing Strategy Session right away as spots are extremely limited!
I look forward to supporting you on our Irresistible Marketing Strategy Session!


Vrinda Normand
The Irresistible Marketing Mentor