Let’s Talk About How to Make Your 
Marketing a Well-Oiled Machine That 
Fills Your Programs 24-7 - with Ease!

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offer, you’ll love this invitation...)

You know in your heart it’s time to make a bigger impact with your expertise - and the world needs leaders like you to step up more than ever right now.
The very BEST way to do that is to grow your online business and fill leveraged courses that change lives. 
You’re ready to earn great money with more freedom. You deserve a thriving business that supports your lifestyle (without taking over your life). 
But you may be running into some obstacles that are slowing you down…
  • If you already have an online program created, maybe you’re unsure about how to position it to stand out and sell. 
  • ​Or maybe you’re stuck trying to figure out how to package your expertise into a hot-selling course that makes a great impact.
  • ​Like too many entrepreneurs, you may be overwhelmed by all the marketing options out there and unclear about the best plan to reach your goals. 
  • ​You may be struggling with low conversions and you’re not sure what to do about it...is your copy getting ignored? Is your offer falling flat?
  • ​You’re busy and you don’t want to waste time building a marketing system that gets tiny results…

I get it! And you don’t have to do this alone. 

I help you create offers that showcase 
your unique value and get noticed in a crowded online world...
...Then I show you how to turn your 
offers into 6-Figure (and even 7-Figure) 
leveraged income streams.

I’ve earned over $8 million in my business - helping thousands of entrepreneurs around the world.
My programs are empowering more people to lead happier, higher quality lives - and that is SO fulfilling. 
You deserve to be paid well AND enjoy plenty of freedom as your business grows.
I’m so grateful to have a business that lets me enjoy my life! I love having the flexibility to work part-time from home so I can enjoy lots of quality time with my family and friends. 

My proven Irresistible Marketing 
Method has helped many of my clients 
grow lucrative 6-figure and 7-figure businesses…
“My husband and I have earned over $3 million from applying Vrinda’s systems. I feel so empowered - I know anything is possible.”

“While mentoring with Vrinda for 2 years, I created a beautiful business and a very successful platform that I am benefiting from tremendously.

Vrinda nailed the name of my new brand and niche within the first 5 minutes of meeting me. Since working with her, I went from having no email list to a 10,000 person list at this point. 

In just the first year, I grew my revenues by $100,000!

Then I learned how to host a 3-day live event where you offer people the opportunity to work with you in a more intensive year long program. Vrinda taught me how to structure the content and design and deliver my offer. I did about $200,000 in sales in that event and filled my first Wild Women in Love Inner Circle!

I’ve also applied my copywriting skills to help grow my husband’s business. Between the two of us, we have earned around $3 million dollars from Vrinda’s systems. 

One of the greatest aspects of working with Vrinda is how much I grew as a woman leader. Now I feel so empowered, I know anything is possible. Working with Vrinda has been an exceptional experience. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to successfully grow their mission in the world.”

-Kathleen Graham

    “Vrinda absolutely changed my business trajectory. I’m now making over $600,000 a year!”

    “Vrinda absolutely changed my business trajectory. Before I took Vrinda’s program, I felt completely stuck. We had this amazing online course but our marketing efforts just weren’t working. 

    Working with Vrinda was the single best thing I have said yes to. Her marketing principles served us so well with our online launches, as well as our in-person business. 

    At first, working with Vrinda resulted in my $30,000 program launch. Now this year, I am on track to earn $600,000 - a 53% growth of my company!

    I have the resources to hire more staff, so I am spending more time doing what I want to do, which is work on my business. I also get to take at least 4 vacations a year and spend more time with my sister, niece and nephew. 

    That has changed my life so much, and I am so grateful for Vrinda. This is going to be an incredible journey for you that’s going to help transition your business and give you the financial freedom you want.” 

    -Rebecca Walker

      “We made $120,000 filling our program! Now we have a system that can make money over and over again.”

      “Before I started Vrinda’s program, it felt like I was on the cusp of something really big, but I needed a piece in the jigsaw puzzle. And sometimes when you're too close to your own business, you can't see it. 

      I've been in the coaching industry since 1991, but I didn't feel I was really solid in my marketing. I needed to find what made me unique and stand out.

      Even if you think you know a lot, like I probably did myself, you have to let go of that and try something different. Working with Vrinda, we really fine tuned the messaging, getting clear on the most compelling ways to communicate the value so people invested.  

      To make a long story short, we did two launches to fill our program and made $120,000! 

      Not only that, we have a system that can make us money ongoingly. Cause it's one thing to make money one time, but it's another thing to design an engine that’s going to keep doing it over and over again.”

      -Sunil Bhaskaran

        “I made over half a million dollars in the first year! Vrinda gave me the tools to do it in a sustainable way.”

        “When I first met Vrinda, I had grown a 6-figure business, but I knew that I needed the next step. I was sort of running my business by the seat of my pants. It was time for more systems, for live events. It was time to go a lot bigger and get a lot more grounded. 
        Working with Vrinda was absolutely phenomenal. We had my whole year mapped out, with an online program launch and a live event. Then we created the upsell for the live event, into the group program. 

        The biggest piece is to really open up to what your mentor can see for you. You really can’t see accurately because you only can see what you know, and what's possible for you is so outside of what you can see and know.

        Since working with Vrinda, I have tripled my email list. I had my first live event with over a hundred people. 

        In just my first year of working with her, I made over half a million dollars! There's something extraordinary that's happening, and it really feels like I've stepped more and more into my power. Vrinda has given me the tools to do that in a sustainable way.”

        -Christina Morassi
          “We’ve brought in over several million dollars in revenue. I love having the freedom to play with my wife and 6 kids on our tropical beaches.”

          “Before I met Vrinda, I had moved with my wife and 6 children from Germany to Costa Rica. We were struggling to grow a new business and were just barely making a living. 

          Vrinda helped us get clear on our positioning and that changed our business right away. We started having $80,000 and $90,000 launches. Working with her skyrocketed everything. 

          She showed us how to build a team, run the team efficiently, and how to make the communication inside the company more effective. She showed us how to create and market new offers and events.

          As we continued to work with Vrinda, we started having program launches that made over $100,000 each. Over a couple of years we’ve brought in over several million dollars in revenue!

          I’m very happy because I’m a father of 6 and family is the most important thing in my life. I love having the freedom to play with my kids on our tropical beaches. My business gives me the financial freedom to travel around the world with my family. 

          We don’t have to worry about money anymore. None of this would have been possible without Vrinda’s help and her amazing programs and system. 

          -Ka Sundance
            -Jennifer Russell
            “I’ve increased the enrollments in my yearlong program by 4 times! Finally, I’m earning 6-figures from my business.” 
            “I was at a crossroads when I started working with Vrinda. I had wonderful things to offer, I was doing classes online, but I only had a small handful of people attending. I knew Vrinda is a marketing message genius and she would help me with this problem. 

            Working with Vrinda I designed my first program on Money Miracles. I followed her systems to fill the course, and it worked within the first month! 

            Then she nailed my new brand, Angels of Abundance. I went on to do a bigger program launch. I hosted a summit following Vrinda’s plan that quickly grew my email list. 

            I’ve increased the enrollments in my yearlong program by 4 times! Finally, I am earning 6-figures from my business. 

            Working with Vrinda has been life changing for me.” 
            “I revamped my online presence and created my 
            first 3-day online enrollment event that earned 
            over $225,000!”

            “I started working with Vrinda because I wanted to up-level my event sales results and my online presence overall. We totally revamped the copy for my website – it’s hot, it’s awesome, it speaks exactly to my ideal client.
            We also revamped how I was delivering my events, live and virtual. And oh my God, we surpassed every goal I set for myself!
            When I did my first live event after maternity leave, I generated over $125,000 in sales! Then I turned it into an online event and did over $225,000 in sales!
            I can continue to replicate and build on my results with the copy and systems I created with Vrinda. If you’re looking to up your online presence, then you definitely want to work with Vrinda – she’s brilliant.” 

            -Penelope Jane Smith
            Financial Freedom Mentor for Women Entrepreneurs
              -Sarah Hutchinson
              “My summits and online courses have generated over $50,000 since I started working with Vrinda, and I’ve grown my email list with over 9,000 people!”
              “Before I met Vrinda, I knew it was time for me to get online and start teaching virtually…but I didn’t know how to do it. 

              Then I showed up at Vrinda’s event and learned about her program, and my whole body was saying yes. I dove in headfirst! 

              I learned how to write hot copy that resonates with my audience and draws them to me. I hosted my first summit and made over $19,000 from it! 

              I’ve gone on to build my email list with over 9,000 people. I’ve done several more launches for other programs that consistently make up to $17,000 each. 

              I love the way Vrinda and her team help you connect to your heart and your dharma while you’re growing your business.”

              How My Irresistible Marketing Method is Unique...

              My approach has created incredible results for my clients for these 5 reasons…
              This is an essential element to get your offers noticed by the right people and have them recognize the value. If you’re not getting the results you want, it’s likely your positioning is off and no matter how hard you work, you won’t attract the highly committed clients you want. My method helps you clarify this so the other pieces of your marketing system can easily fall into place. 
              My Irresistible Marketing Method is thorough and effective at getting the best response at every step of your marketing system, from building your list to enrolling clients. I show you how to make your copy truly irresistible so clients move forward and say YES to the support they need. 
              Hype-Free Enrollment
              If you’re turned off by the hype-y, pushy vibe of so many Internet marketers out there, you’ll love my method. It’s focused on educating and inspiring so your ideal clients are naturally drawn to your offer. You’ll find marketing to be a fun way to share your gifts while you make more money and change more lives.
              The world of online marketing can seem overwhelming and confusing with so many options and moving parts. My Irresistible Marketing Method breaks it down, step by step, with simple, clear plans you can follow to get great results. My clients constantly rave about how I make complex marketing systems seem easy and doable. 
              Custom feedback
              Blindspots are usually the biggest obstacles holding entrepreneurs back from growing their online business. That’s why giving you personalized feedback on your offers, marketing messages and strategies is critical to your success. I help you see what you’re missing and exactly what you need to skyrocket your results. We fine-tune your offers and marketing so they get a huge response. 
              If you want highly effective marketing 
              that packs your programs with amazing 

              Then let’s talk more. I love working with highly committed, purpose-driven entrepreneurs who are ready to take decisive action to make a bigger impact. 
              If that sounds like you, I’d like to invite you to an Irresistible Marketing Assessment.
              This is a 1-1 consultation with me or one of my qualified Irresistible Marketing Specialists. We’ll take a close look at your…
              • Offer
              • Website
              • ​Marketing plan
              Or your ideas for these elements if they’re still in development. 
              We’ll help you identify what’s working well and what’s NOT so you can stop spinning your wheels and get to bigger results, faster. 
              Then we'll make a professional recommendation for the most effective strategies to expand your business online with leverage and impact. 
              There’s a refundable $297 deposit to reserve your Irresistible Marketing Assessment. When we talk if you decide to continue working with us, we’ll apply this deposit towards your tuition investment. 
              If you decide not to continue working with us, you’ll get a prompt refund of your deposit payment. (This deposit is not refundable if you don’t show up to your consultation.) 
              These are only available for a short time 
              while we have limited openings in our 
              calendar, so reserve your spot right 

              We look forward to supporting you on your Irresistible Marketing Assessment!
              Vrinda Normand
              The Irresistible Marketing Mentor
              & The Irresistible Marketing Team
              “I made over $250,000 from working with Vrinda. I’ve looked at other coaches out there, and you can’t find the expertise and excellence her programs provide.”

              “When I began working with Vrinda, I was in the middle of getting a divorce, and I had pretty much no business. I knew I had to make a change. 

              So here's what Vrinda provided: rock solid sales, marketing and business training. I've looked at other coaches out there, and you can't find the expertise and excellence that her programs provide.

              You will learn how to launch, when to launch, what to do. The online world can be so confusing. Vrinda will give you a straight path with clear steps to be successful in the business. In addition, you will get her wonderful loving support and mentoring.

              Vrinda was right there with me, helping me deal with the inner stuff as well as the outer stuff.

              The first year I worked with Vrinda, I quadrupled my business to $42,000. And it got better from there.

              The next year we bumped up to $151,000. What that means is, the women I was helping were also making money. And when women make money, the world improves. 

              After that, we hit over $250,000. I could provide for my family, I could impact the world, and I could have fun doing it. 

              So I can't say enough about Vrinda and her mentorship. It's a great choice no matter what stage you're at.”

              -Linda Albright
                “I’ve made over $1.5 Million in sales! Vrinda gives phenomenally clear systems that are easy to follow.”

                “When I met Vrinda, I had just done my first telesummit but I didn’t really know what to do with my email list. I knew I needed more support. I needed to uplevel my money consciousness. 

                Vrinda showed me what to do and gave me a whole bunch of systems that I was able to implement. She is amazing at structuring, and she gives phenomenally clear instructions that are easy to follow.

                Vrinda helped me create the program titles that attracted our audience so I could reach the people that I wanted to help. 

                Within one year, I made $200,000, which was kind of incredible because before that I had never made more than $20,000. It's amazing.

                My revenues continued to grow each year, as I offered more powerful programs and enrolled clients at a higher level. 

                In just 5 years I’ve made over $1.5 million in sales!

                -Laura Cornell
                  Nicole Young
                  "My business earned $175,000 in just 8 months of working with Vrinda."
                  "Before working with Vrinda in 2011, the business I owned with my husband was struggling financially – to the point where I was digging for spare change in my couch so I could buy groceries for my family. 
                  We had a big community but we weren’t getting results from the offerings we were putting out there. The response was ‘crickets.’ 
                  After hearing one class with Vrinda, I realized some major marketing mistakes we had been making and something huge shifted for me. Within 2 weeks, I launched a new program with my company that made $80,000. 
                  I then started working more closely with Vrinda’s programs and saw even more results. The copywriting skills I learned contributed to a wildly successful product launch that earned $40,000 in 2 weeks. Over an 8-month period our business earned $175,000!”
                  -Brandy Mychals
                  “I added over 10,000 to my email list, tripled my revenues and grew to 7-figures in 1 year!”
                  “For years I worked with clients 1-on-1 and presented to groups. But when I decided to take my business online, I felt nervous.
                  Now I can say, ‘Wow.’ I learned amazing things from Vrinda and my online business is growing rapidly.
                  In just a year, I added over 10,000 people to my email list, I created several successful online program launches and tripled our revenues to over 7-figures!”
                  -Nihal Kaur
                  “My first two program launches made over $50,000 and led to even more growth. Vrinda’s had an amazing impact on my life and the lives of so many people I get to serve.”
                  “When I first met Vrinda, I was afraid of doing what I really wanted to do because I wasn’t big enough, good enough yet or something like that. I was undercharging and sticking myself in a niche that didn’t really fill me up. 

                  Vrinda helped me get so crystal clear on what my real gifts are so when I’m talking about what I do, it’s coming straight from my heart and soul. It’s the real authentic me. 

                  She helped me come up with the program Energy for Your Destiny. When I first launched it I made $18,700. Then half of the women enrolled in more courses with me after that!

                  The second time I ran the launch, I doubled my revenues while working way less!

                  Through this process, I discovered that all I need to do is keep moving, keep saying yes to my soul and this true message. Vrinda has had an amazing impact on my life and the lives of so many people I get to serve.”
                  -Tori Hartman
                  “My first two launches earned $50,000 - Vrinda gave me the ability to think bigger!”
                  “I’m a published author and the creator of the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards. When I met Vrinda I needed to grow my online business and keep up with the visibility my books and cards were attracting.

                  Even just one session with Vrinda was the most amazing experience. She gave me the bestselling title of my new course right away, Life Purpose Divinations. 

                  I did two launches for that program earning about $50,000. Then I went on to do more courses and summits that grew my business beyond 6-figures. 

                  Vrinda is the master at this. She’s brilliant at really tuning in. The biggest thing she gave me was the ability to think bigger

                  She’s so frickin’ wise. She’s always evolving her content and looking for ways to give to you from her heart.” 
                  -Ritamarie Loscalzo
                  “My business is now earning over a million dollars a year! It’s very exciting.”
                  “In the earlier days of my business I got some copywriting coaching from Vrinda. Had great success with it and carried it through many launches over the years. 

                  More recently I started working with Vrinda again at a higher level. I was at a point where my business had been growing quite rapidly, but it was exhausting me because I was doing a dozen launches a year. It was not sustainable. 

                  Vrinda helped me simplify my very complex business plan so we were doing only four launches a year. Then last year I crossed the 7-figure mark in my business! Very exciting.

                  Vrinda has a way with words and working with her boosted my copy conversion results. We did a couple of really big launches, one had 25,000 opt-ins and doubled our list. 

                  I learned that I can work less and still make the kind of income and impact I want.”