2 Shifts to Sell High-Ticket with Success
The Ideal Client Manifester

Thursday February 29, 2024
If you’ve been struggling to fill your high-ticket premium programs, you’re not alone. In today’s crowded online world, there’s more noise and competition than ever.
You may be talking with potential clients who are jaded by previous investments that didn’t deliver what they hoped. You may be meeting people who are overwhelmed with all the different options and unsure how to choose the right solution.
You may even be thinking most people “can’t afford” your program. Or won’t invest in your program because they’re too busy.
When you hear people making excuses about why they “can’t” say yes, do you believe them?
Do you blame the economy or the competition?
While it’s totally understandable to feel frustration when you’re not getting the sales results you want and need, I recommend focusing on a solution you can control: your mindset and strategy.
Buying into the “people can’t afford it” myth only keeps you small. And it disempowers others, leaving them suffering with their problems. It creates a lose-lose situation. 
It’s normal for people to have fear or resistance about investing in their transformation. Sometimes they want to run away from change. And most humans have self-limiting beliefs that keep them struggling with their problems. 
It’s your role as a leader to compassionately and courageously see people for their highest potential.

Don’t encourage their limiting beliefs. People are not defined or trapped by their circumstances. When they’re committed, they can choose to change their life no matter what it takes. 
I tell my clients, “You are a powerful human being and you can find the resources to invest in yourself when you truly want to.”
SO many times, I have seen people come up with $20,000 for their education because they’re so ready to make their vision real. Instead of saying I can’t afford it, they asked, “How can I afford this?”
They acted on their deepest inner wisdom (not their fears) and that’s what ignited their success. 
One of my clients, Laura Cornell, was making only $20,000 a year in her coaching business for yoga teachers before working with me. It was a huge stretch for her to invest in my premium program. But she listened to her intuition and said yes. 
That was the biggest turning point for Laura. In just 1 year of working with me, she grew her business 10x to earn $200,000!
She offered her own high-ticket courses that changed lives. Laura then grew her business to earn over $500,000 a year serving yoga teachers all over the world.
Investing in yourself is essential. If you want to attract high-paying clients who are committed, you need to show YOUR commitment by investing in yourself at a high level.
In addition to up-leveling your mindset to sell high-ticket successfully, you need to make your strategy more effective.

The key to enrolling high-ticket, especially in our current climate, is to educate, empower and inspire potential clients BEFORE inviting them into your premium program.
The very best way to do this is by delivering a 2 or 3-day online enrollment event that provides value on a specific topic. It builds the connection and trust you need to prime potential clients for your continuing education offer.
When you do this, your ideal clients are more receptive and far more likely to enroll on the spot, without needing time-consuming follow up calls.
There’s also so much less buying resistance. All the excuses you hear that are holding people back from investing the time and money in their transformation, the excuses that usually end up in NO sale during 1-1 sales calls, actually melt away during online events.
In essence, your online event is a transformational and educational experience that inspires people to invest highly in their growth. It gives incredible value while creating desire for your high-ticket offer.
This is hands down the easiest and most enjoyable way to fill premium programs or service packages in the $2,000 to $50,000 range. 
The sales conversion rates you can get in this online event setting are huge, way higher than any other type of online launch.

Typically, people sell programs that are less than $2,000 online through sales pages, emails, videos and webinars. These launches have many complex moving parts and usually require a lot of additional 1-1 sales calls to convert well.
Even the experts strive to get 2% sales conversion, which means they need thousands of qualified leads.
With my online enrollment event formula, I’ve had sales conversions as high as 56%! That is unheard of in any other online launch format.
And because of this you don’t need thousands of new leads to make great money. You can do your own small online event, even if you don’t have a big email list, and earn 5-figures in sales!
My client Maile Collmer got 25 people at her very first event and made over $10,000. Michelle May hosted her 2-day virtual event and made $44,000!
I’ve turned a virtual retreat with just 30 prospects into 6-figures in sales. My client Jennifer Darling hosted her first online event with about 80 people and made over $130,000!
My other client Penelope Jane Smith had an online event with 250 people and made over $700,000!
You can totally do this even if you’ve never launched a program before.
I love leading online events because they’re FUN! 

I get to interact with my clients and see their smiling faces. I see them light up when they have big breakthroughs.
Everyone who attends leaves feeling more inspired and empowered whether or not they enroll in my continuing education offer.
With this proven method, I’m able to easily fill my premium program – without needing 1-1 sales calls!
At the High-Profit Online Events Virtual Retreat, I’m going to give you the complete proven formula to create a rush of high-ticket sales in 2 to 3 magical days.

You’ll learn exactly how to lead your own virtual enrollment event and sell premium programs with confidence.
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I look forward to seeing you there…
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