The #1 Marketing Mistake That Repels Clients

When you’re launching an online marketing campaign to fill your programs, there are several key elements that must be irresistible to get great results. Here’s a peek at what some of them are.

You need to…

  • Write your free reports and video scripts in a way that builds desire for your program – without over delivering.
  • Write compelling web pages that inspire people to take the next step with you
  • Craft enticing emails to get attention and attract thousands of the right ideal clients to your offer
  • Make your program description so enticing, potential clients quickly see the value and say YES to investing highly

As you can see, the common theme here is your marketing messages. The words you use to attract and enroll the right people are the single MOST important element in any program launch.

Too many entrepreneurs forget this…and they end up struggling with the #1 most costly marketing mistake:

Winging It With Lukewarm Copy

“Copy” is your marketing messages in any form – on your web pages, emails, video scripts, webinar scripts and social media posts.

Cold Copy is obviously really bad and gets no results. Hot Copy is WAY more effective. It stands out and gets a huge response. Lukewarm Copy is in the middle. It may look like “good writing,” it’s grammatically correct and seems professional. This is the most common type of copy out there and it’s what most smart entrepreneurs will use.

The problem is, Lukewarm Copy is not hot. It doesn’t get noticed, and doesn’t inspire people to take action. It usually just gets lost in the noise. There are millions of lukewarm messages out there. That’s why marketing can feel SO frustrating. If you’re winging it with mediocre copy, you have to work 10 times harder to get tiny results.

Lukewarm Copy is focused on what’s included in your offer. It describes the journey and often uses vague words, trying to appeal to as many people as possible. It also tends to sound academic and professional. It’s not relatable or engaging.

The challenging thing is, Lukewarm Copy doesn’t seem glaringly bad, so chances are if you have it, you don’t even realize it. Most entrepreneurs have big blind spots around this, and they’re not able to improve their copy until they get help from a copywriting mentor.

Hot Copy on the other hand, is focused on what’s possible for your ideal clients and the outcomes they’re craving. It describes their pains and pleasures and connects with their emotions. It uses clear, specific words that quickly catch attention and are easy to understand. It sounds conversational and intimate, like how you would talk to a friend.

Here’s an example of the huge impact that Lukewarm Copy and Hot Copy make in your marketing results.

Let’s say you have a small marketing campaign one month. With Lukewarm Copy, you attract 1,000 website visitors, which turn into 200 new subscribers on your email list. If you’re lucky, 1 of those people will buy your program and you’ll make about $2,000 or less.

Do that same marketing campaign with Hot Copy, so you just change the words on your emails and web pages, and here’s what’s possible…

You can attract 2,000 website visitors that turn into 1,000 new email subscribers. That could easily lead to 20 new sales and $40,000!

So you see, using Hot Copy can exponentially increase your results, as much as 20 times over! Every single part of your marketing needs to be clear and compelling if you want to catch attention and keep it. I highly recommend you get specialized mentoring and coaching to make your marketing messages irresistible to your ideal clients.

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