Preparing for the biggest transition in my life – becoming a mom!

There are so many logistical details to juggle: getting baby stuff ready, planning my maternity leave with my team, taking birth classes, reading books about birthing and mothering, hiring my doula, lining up more help at home, going to doctor appointments, taking care of my body, having my baby shower and maternity photo shoot…so much!

Vrinda Normand

And sometimes I just slow down, rest and think about what kind of mother I want to be. There’s so much I don’t know about parenting, it can be overwhelming. But I trust deep down that I’m ready for this. It feels like the most important, rewarding role of my life, stepping up to raise this sweet soul that chose me to be her mother.

I know that whatever path she chooses for her life, she will be loved and supported. I will do my best to teach her to be an empowered, compassionate, generous, confident woman. And I will give her space to find her own way.

I can already feel her strong presence, and I’m so, so excited to hold her in my arms. She could be born in a couple of weeks or a month, and my team will keep you posted on our Facebook Page:

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