My pending arrival

My daughter Emily was due to be born on November 18 but she’s staying inside my belly a little longer! She must be so comfortable in there. And she’s going to be a big, healthy baby. My bump is so enormous people keep asking me if I’m expecting twins. My midwife estimates she’ll be at least 9 pounds!Vrinda Normand

I’m so excited to hold her, and the anticipation can be super frustrating. She could come at any minute, so each day I wonder – will this be the day I become a mom and my life changes forever? This truly is the biggest transformation I will ever go through in my life.

So even though I feel massively uncomfortable in my very pregnant body, I’m trying to focus on the silver lining of my baby taking her sweet time to be born. My husband Jason and I are getting much-needed, extra opportunities to sleep. These are the last days we’ll have the freedom to rest whenever we want.

We’re so in love with our baby already. Every day we look forward to her birth. We’re so, so ready and ecstatic to be her parents. I will keep you posted about when our Emily arrives!

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