Does your web copy sizzle? Take this test…

You just got done writing a web page and you can’t help but wonder…

“Is my copy any good?”

“Will people read it?”

…and most importantly…

“Will they take action?”

If you aren’t sure you can always run it through my “TSSS” Test to know if it’s Hot Copy in just 4 simple steps.

T = Thorough

Your website is not the place to be mysterious or leave people with unanswered questions. If they’re confused, your website visitors will leave without taking action.

This is why you need to be thorough. Take the time to find out everything your potential clients need to know so they feel comfortable taking the action that will move them to the next step in your funnel.

Hot Tip: What are the most common questions or concerns potential clients have about your program or service? Brainstorm a list, answer them like you would in a sales conversation, and post them on your website.

S = Sensual

You won’t captivate readers if your copy doesn’t make them FEEL.

Have you ever read something that made you feel a tingle in your gut, or more aware of the blood pulsing in your veins?

Sensual writing connects people to their body and emotions. It uses specific words that remind them of the pains they want relief from and the pleasures they crave. 

Here are some examples of sensual phrases my clients have written…

Eliminate your back pain and sit in exquisite comfort

Jumpstart your tired body and clear your foggy brain!

Transform your body so you can feel lighter and sexier

Are you afraid you’ll end up lonely and unloved?

Did your heart or gut respond to any of these words?

Even if your program or service doesn’t involve results directly related to the body, you can still find sensual words to connect with your potential clients

Hot Tip: Choose a few of your clients and ask them what pains they experienced before they started working with you. Then ask them what pleasures they’re enjoying because of your work. Get as many details as you can!

S = Specific

To make your writing more irresistible, you must use specific words. Words that reveal exactly what you REALLY mean. Include examples that people can relate to and see in their minds like movie clips. 

Here are some examples of specific writing: 

“I recently brought in $29,000 from online sales in just 25 days… without ever leaving my beautiful home in the Santa Cruz Mountains.”

Notice how the numbers give you an exact picture of the results, instead of just saying ”I made more money fast.” I also decided to write “beautiful home in the Santa Cruz Mountains” instead of the less specific “home” because the real details create a stronger feeling of relaxation and convenience. 

S = Succinct

You have just a few seconds to make a good first impression on your website visitors before they decide to stay or go.

If you want to keep their attention you must learn to be succinct and get your message across in the fewest number words possible. (This isn’t the same thing as “short” because we also want to be thorough.)

Hot tip: In the beginning, let your writing flow and don’t worry about being succinct, or you might get blocked. After you’ve finished your first draft, ask yourself “How can I say the same thing with fewer words? What can I cut?” I cut this article from 1200 words to just 600 and now it’s twice as powerful!

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