The courage to be visible online

I’ve supported 1,000’s of clients over the past decade, and they’ve all had a common goal – attract more clients and get a bigger response with their marketing messages. But the surprising thing is, MANY entrepreneurs also have a hidden fear of being visible. It’s a paradox – they want to be seen and yet they don’t. Sometimes people are … Read More

My favorite time of the year…

Ahhh, we’re heading into the holiday season and my favorite time of the year for…vacations! It’s a balancing act to get everything done and protect my time off, but even when we’re really busy, I still manage to make it happen. The key to having peace of mind vacations when you want is, be committed to your time freedom – … Read More

5 Video Strategies to Attract More Great Clients

Hot copy can make or break your marketing success, but if you really want to see your sales soar, you’ll need to add online videos to your web pages. This is because videos communicate on a deeper level, revealing your presence and energy in a way that copy can’t. So if you don’t have videos on your website right now, … Read More

My surprising confession…

All my life, I’ve never been interested in entertaining myself with alcohol or recreational drugs. I’m more into getting a “natural high” through dancing, singing, speaking on stage, and personal growth. Well, I’ve surprised myself lately and had a major shift in my perspective of marijuana. I used to think it was a drug that underachievers used to numb their … Read More

10 Keys to a Lucrative Launch

Growing your business by offering online programs can be a fun and fulfilling experience – if you have the right roadmap. After successfully earning over $6 million dollars with my online programs, I’ve figured out the most effective pathway to create abundance with ease and freedom. I don’t want you to have to waste any more time or money on … Read More

You Can Have it All!

People keep asking me, “How’s married life?” And for a moment, I don’t know what to say. It’s not a temporary state of being with a simple answer. I can’t imagine my life without Jason now. Sometimes our marriage is intense as we work through our challenges. Most of the time it’s wonderful. I love him more deeply every day. … Read More

Why online programs are more powerful than 1-1 sessions

You’ve seen thousands of people offering online programs and you might be wondering… Am I ready to create my own? How do I know if they’ll be effective for my clients? Is this the right move for my business now? These are a few of the common questions I hear. I personally know how powerful online courses can be for … Read More

Magic Marketing Retreat

Earlier this year I got the inspiration to create a new and unique type of experience for my community. I wanted it to be intimate with a small group and deeply supportive. While I love teaching online marketing and program creation strategies, my greatest gift is helping clients find the perfect titles and words to describe their offerings. When we … Read More

3 Blind Spots That Keep You From Filling Your Programs

Purpose driven entrepreneurs often struggle to fill their programs. They’re full of passion and inspiration to create life changing programs, but when it comes to filling them, there’s a few common blind spots I see that hold them back from being able to make the impact their heart desires.    If you’ve got a hot new program and you’re working … Read More

Highlights from my wedding day…

My wedding day on July 9 was beautiful, romantic and every bit as wonderful as I hoped it would be. I walked down the aisle with my father to Christina Perri’s “A Thousand Years”…held Jason’s hands and made a sacred commitment to the love of my life. In our vows, we both honored each other with words. I told Jason, … Read More