3 Strategies to Skyrocket Your Sales This Month

Want to increase your income by $5,000 to $50,000 this month? This is totally possible for you – if you have the right strategy! I know because I’ve done it myself and helped my 1,000’s of my clients all over the world do it too. The following 3 strategies are simple and powerfully effective. They may even surprise you… Strategy … Read More

6 Months and Finally Showing!

A week ago I crossed the 6-month mark in my pregnancy, and I’m finally showing! I had no idea my growing belly would feel like I’m carrying around a bowling ball. While I love the connection I have to my baby girl (she’s moving a lot every day now!), this whole experience has been very physically uncomfortable. I think about … Read More

3 Reasons to Leverage Your Expertise with Group Programs

When you’ve successfully leveraged your expertise, it means you’ve mastered how to work smarter – not harder. Then you’re making a significant impact in 100’s, even 1000’s of people’s lives, all while enjoying a fabulous lifestyle full of freedom, abundance and personal fulfillment. Learning how to do this is KEY if you want to make a big impact with your … Read More

Birthday Celebration

I enjoyed a lovely relaxing birthday a few days ago on July 20. I slept in late, waking up to my baby girl dancing inside my belly. I’m finally starting to look pregnant now! I made my favorite blueberry corn pancakes for breakfast and then got an awesome 90-minute massage at home. In the evening, I had a fun celebration … Read More

Does your web copy sizzle? Take this test…

You just got done writing a web page and you can’t help but wonder… “Is my copy any good?” “Will people read it?” …and most importantly… “Will they take action?” If you aren’t sure you can always run it through my “TSSS” Test to know if it’s Hot Copy in just 4 simple steps. T = Thorough Your website is not the … Read More

Baby Update

A LOT has been happening in the past month! My belly has become more noticeably pregnant – this is me at just about 19 weeks. My bump is still tiny and people who don’t know me can’t tell I’m expecting. But it’s fun to watch my body change as my baby grows. Now I’m feeling her move every day. That’s … Read More

3 Myths that Keep You Struggling with Low-Profit Programs

Growing your business by offering online programs can be a fun and fulfilling experience – if you have the right roadmap. After successfully earning over $7 million dollars with my online programs, I’ve figured out the most effective pathway to create abundance with ease and freedom. I don’t want you to have to waste any more time or money on … Read More

She’s in my belly now…

My husband Jason and I are so excited to share that our baby girl is in my belly and getting ready to be born this November! At 14 weeks now, you can see she’s already sucking her little thumb. In July of 2015, before I met Jason, I knew I was meant to have a girl because she had been … Read More

5 Video Strategies to Explode Your Impact

Hot copy can make or break your marketing success, but if you really want to see your sales soar, you’ll need to add online videos to your web pages. This is because videos communicate on a deeper level than copy alone. Videos reveal your presence and energy in a way that copy can’t. So if you don’t have videos on … Read More