Afraid of Being Tuned Out?

What to do when worrying about your competition stops you from creating irresistible marketing messages… You know that “stuck” feeling you get when you’re trying to create hot titles for your programs or events? Everything you come up with sounds “Blah” or totally overused. It seems like everyone else is doing something similar, so yours has to sound totally different … Read More

The #1 Reason Most Titles Get Ignored

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Get More Clients Online with Irresistible Videos (Part 3)

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3 juicy secrets to enroll clients online (even while you’re sleeping)

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Building Your List with the Art of GIVING: How to Attract Clients Online

When I first started creating complimentary workshops, teleseminars and articles to work on list building and marketing my business, I struggled with these fears… “What if they think the free stuff is all they need?” “What if they love the gifts but don’t buy?” “What if they’re too ‘full’ to invest in more?” These concerns all have some TRUTH to … Read More

Are Your Online Sales Methods Repelling Potential Clients?

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Inspire Prospects to Become Clients with Your Personal Story

Sharing your personal story is the strongest way to build connection and trust with potential clients and people on your email list. I am often surprised how much people are impacted and inspired by my life experiences. Even people I’ve never met tell me how they can relate to me and how they’re encouraged to take action because they’ve seen … Read More