5 Headline Mistakes That Cost You Clients

The headline is the “make it or break it” part of any web page. Its job is to get the visitor’s attention right away and inspire them to keep reading. If your headline doesn’t pique curiosity then your potential clients are going to leave your web page without taking action. My experience writing irresistible headlines goes back to my first … Read More

My pending arrival

My daughter Emily was due to be born on November 18 but she’s staying inside my belly a little longer! She must be so comfortable in there. And she’s going to be a big, healthy baby. My bump is so enormous people keep asking me if I’m expecting twins. My midwife estimates she’ll be at least 9 pounds! I’m so … Read More

4 Simple Web Pages to Fill Your Programs

When you’re filling your programs online, your website is an essential element to attract and enroll clients. The problem is, I see so many people making major mistakes with their website – and struggling with low marketing results. The most common mistake is designing the structure of your site like a brochure, with a home page and a menu that … Read More

Preparing for the biggest transition in my life – becoming a mom!

There are so many logistical details to juggle: getting baby stuff ready, planning my maternity leave with my team, taking birth classes, reading books about birthing and mothering, hiring my doula, lining up more help at home, going to doctor appointments, taking care of my body, having my baby shower and maternity photo shoot…so much! And sometimes I just slow … Read More

The #1 Marketing Mistake That Repels Clients

When you’re launching an online marketing campaign to fill your programs, there are several key elements that must be irresistible to get great results. Here’s a peek at what some of them are. You need to… Write your free reports and video scripts in a way that builds desire for your program – without over delivering. Write compelling web pages … Read More

31 Weeks and Way Bigger!

At 31 weeks pregnant now, my belly is getting WAY bigger, as you can see in this photo with my friend, Penelope Jane Smith. When people see me, they often say, “Wow you’re REALLY pregnant…when are you due?” We’re expecting baby Emily to be born on (or around) November 18. Just 2 more months to go! And I’m probably going … Read More

3 Strategies to Skyrocket Your Sales This Month

Want to increase your income by $5,000 to $50,000 this month? This is totally possible for you – if you have the right strategy! I know because I’ve done it myself and helped my 1,000’s of my clients all over the world do it too. The following 3 strategies are simple and powerfully effective. They may even surprise you… Strategy … Read More

6 Months and Finally Showing!

A week ago I crossed the 6-month mark in my pregnancy, and I’m finally showing! I had no idea my growing belly would feel like I’m carrying around a bowling ball. While I love the connection I have to my baby girl (she’s moving a lot every day now!), this whole experience has been very physically uncomfortable. I think about … Read More

3 Reasons to Leverage Your Expertise with Group Programs

When you’ve successfully leveraged your expertise, it means you’ve mastered how to work smarter – not harder. Then you’re making a significant impact in 100’s, even 1000’s of people’s lives, all while enjoying a fabulous lifestyle full of freedom, abundance and personal fulfillment. Learning how to do this is KEY if you want to make a big impact with your … Read More