The #1 Secret to Grow a Lucrative Email List

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Having a responsive email list of the right people gives you an endless stream of clients. You can quickly fill your programs and events whenever you want. All you have to do is send an email! But there’s a common assumption out there that list building just means getting more traffic to your website. That’s part of it, but without … Read More

LOVE is the thing


This is the first Valentine’s Day I’ve celebrated as a married woman. And YES, it feels so great to say that. Until I met my husband Jason in September of 2015, I had been single for most of my life. I had some short-term relationships, most of which weren’t serious, and I was almost never dating someone when V-Day came … Read More

Create a Ripple of Transformation – 1 Launch at a Time


Angelina lit a candle and looked at me with big soulful brown eyes. “Now close your eyes and focus on your intention,” she said. We were sitting in a blissfully cool room on a hot afternoon in Brazil. I had decided to be adventurous and get an aura reading from her. In that dimly lit room we uncovered truths about … Read More

The Wisdom of Water


The magic of water is intense right now! It’s been raining every day here in the Santa Cruz Mountains, and the waterfall in my backyard is pumping. This downpour has been causing mudslides, fallen trees and damage on the roads. At the same time, it’s beautiful and refreshing, especially since California has been very dry in the past few years. … Read More

Cutting Edge Growth Strategies Revealed


3 Powerful Changes I Made in 2016 That Radically Improved My Business for Years to Come 2016 was one of the most transformational years in my business. Looking back, I see that every challenge was a blessing that helped me grow. My team went through major changes and is now the strongest it’s ever been. My marketing campaigns evolved to … Read More

The #1 Reason Most Online Program Titles Get Ignored


Do you know why most online program titles get ignored? When you’re marketing your program online, the title of your program or product needs to be crystal clear and irresistible! If you don’t have irresistible words in your marketing, you’ll struggle to fill your programs no matter how hard you try. I don’t want you to have to waste any … Read More

Remember your passion…


I love that I have a 7-figure lifestyle business working part-time. And I must say, the most fulfilling part of what I do is making a positive impact in my clients’ lives. I just got this feedback from a client who I’ve been supporting for a few months, and she recently upgraded to work more deeply with me in The … Read More

The courage to be visible online

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I’ve supported 1,000’s of clients over the past decade, and they’ve all had a common goal – attract more clients and get a bigger response with their marketing messages. But the surprising thing is, MANY entrepreneurs also have a hidden fear of being visible. It’s a paradox – they want to be seen and yet they don’t. Sometimes people are … Read More

My favorite time of the year…

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Ahhh, we’re heading into the holiday season and my favorite time of the year for…vacations! It’s a balancing act to get everything done and protect my time off, but even when we’re really busy, I still manage to make it happen. The key to having peace of mind vacations when you want is, be committed to your time freedom – … Read More

5 Video Strategies to Attract More Great Clients


Hot copy can make or break your marketing success, but if you really want to see your sales soar, you’ll need to add online videos to your web pages. This is because videos communicate on a deeper level, revealing your presence and energy in a way that copy can’t. So if you don’t have videos on your website right now, … Read More