Birthday Celebration

I enjoyed a lovely relaxing birthday a few days ago on July 20. I slept in late, waking up to my baby girl dancing inside my belly. I’m finally starting to look pregnant now!

I made my favorite blueberry corn pancakes for breakfast and then got an awesome 90-minute massage at home. In the evening, I had a fun celebration dinner with my family in the garden patio of a beautiful restaurant….followed by my favorite soy ice cream and a movie with my husband.

So good! I just love the simple pleasures of being at home, enjoying my life and being with friends and family.

One of my most important values is simplicity – it gives me so much freedom and peace. I’ve been redesigning my business to be even more spacious and supportive of my lifestyle this year. It feels GREAT to have an online business model that’s flexible – and at the same time, fully supportive of my clients and their success.

So here’s to appreciating the little things in our daily lives and creating the simplicity we need to thrive!

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