She’s in my belly now…

My husband Jason and I are so excited to share that our baby girl is in my belly and getting ready to be born this November! At 14 weeks now, you can see she’s already sucking her little thumb.

In July of 2015, before I met Jason, I knew I was meant to have a girl because she had been showing herself to me in visions for several years. At the time, I was frustrated with being single, and I asked my future baby to help me find her father. So she did.

That same month, she appeared to Jason and told him she was going to be his daughter. This was totally wild for him because he’s not really the “woo woo” type, if you know what I mean. But he trusted his intuition.

Just a month later, we met through online dating and quickly knew we were meant to be together. Within the first few weeks, we both shared that we had seen our future daughter and wanted to have a child very soon. Turns out our spirit baby told both of us (separately) that her name is Emily.

In July of 2016 we got married and then earlier this year, when we were ready to get pregnant, it happened very quickly and easily. We just got confirmation that our baby is healthy and indeed, a little girl.

We’re so happy and excited to hold our Emily this fall.






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