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I LOVE the freedom and fulfillment my 7-figure online business gives me…and it shocks me to remember how different my life was just 10 years ago. I used to be an overworked, underpaid investigative journalist writing about politics. I got burned out, physically and spiritually, because my work wasn’t making a big difference in the world.

I got a big wake up call when I discovered I had some serious health challenges…and I HAD to create more balance. I remember the day that changed everything. I was in my yoga class, stretching in the downward dog position, and I heard this voice in my head saying “Vrinda, you don’t have to be a journalist anymore. Go take a medical leave and find a new career.”

Even though it was scary, I trusted my inspiration and took some time off to find my purpose. A few of my holistic practitioners said they needed my word-savvy skills to help with their marketing, and they referred me to a business seminar that opened my eyes to a totally new possibility for my life.

I discovered the business model of having online educational programs. I saw how I could break free from the dollars for hours cycle and have a lifestyle business working part-time from home. AND I could make a bigger impact earning great money sharing my gifts.

That’s when I decided to start my own business empowering entrepreneurs to grow online with irresistible marketing. And I’ve never looked back! I’ve made over $7 million from serving clients with my training programs…and they’ve made millions more by growing their own successful online businesses.

Come find out how this can be possible for you too on my NEW MasterClass, Accelerate Your Lucrative Online Business. It’s happening very soon, so save your free spot here now:

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