6 Months and Finally Showing!

A week ago I crossed the 6-month mark in my pregnancy, and I’m finally showing! I had no idea my growing belly would feel like I’m carrying around a bowling ball. While I love the connection I have to my baby girl (she’s moving a lot every day now!), this whole experience has been very physically uncomfortable.

I think about women who’ve done this multiple times, and I wonder how they managed without going a little crazy. My body is shared and constantly changing…and it can get exhausting.

But then I think about why, and I imagine holding my baby in my arms this November. It’s all worth it – every challenge through 9 whole months of creating this incredible being. My life is infused with a deeper sense of purpose and love.

And I’ve been grateful for this time to prepare for my child and transition into the new mindset of motherhood. I genuinely feel different than I did at the beginning of this year. My nervous anticipation about having a successful pregnancy has morphed into trust and surrender for my evolving path.

Being a mom feels like the most natural thing for me. In many ways, I’ve already been a mother while birthing my business programs and nurturing my clients. Now my daughter is showing me how to take it to a whole new level. I’m so ready for this!

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