5 Headline Mistakes That Cost You Clients

The headline is the “make it or break it” part of any web page.

Its job is to get the visitor’s attention right away and inspire them to keep reading. If your headline doesn’t pique curiosity then your potential clients are going to leave your web page without taking action.Headlines

My experience writing irresistible headlines goes back to my first career as an investigative journalist writing front-page cover stories for over 200,000 readers across the United States.

I wrote headlines that would appear on the front page and catch people’s attention to sell the newspapers. This skill transfers very well to the world of copywriting for online marketing.

The best way I can explain how to write a great headline is with this metaphor…

Your ideal clients are living on a place called Pain Island. They’re suffering in a specific area of their life — their health, career, business or relationships.

You’re a captain of a boat, and your business is the boat.

Your job is to go to Pain Island and get people on your boat so you can ferry them over to Pleasure Island.

Your headline is what you say to get people on your boat. It’s the first thing you’re calling out to get their attention.

Most people use their marketing copy to talk about how their boat works, and they’re trying to sell a ticket by saying…

“Hey, everyone. I want to show you all the little pieces of my engine. Come on board my ship and I’ll take you below deck to demonstrate exactly how my boat engine works.”

And no one responds to that invitation because they don’t care about how your boat works. They just want to get to Pleasure Island!

On Pleasure Island, there are so many irresistible results that people are craving and looking forward to. Most of your marketing should talk about Pleasure Island, especially your headline.

After years of working with online entrepreneurs here are the 5 biggest headline mistakes I see:

Mistake #1: No Emotional Impact

If you want to get someone’s attention you must strike an emotional chord. Press their hot buttons, proclaim their pain, or promise them pleasure, but whatever you do… don’t be boring!

Mistake #2: Being Vague

You always want to be as specific as possible in your headlines. Instead of saying how something can “change your life” you should mention exactly how their life will be changed for the better.

Mistake #3: Being Too Clever

Your headline should be super easy to read. Avoid the use of puns, rhyming words, humor, or anything that requires people to stop and process. Keep it simple and clear!

Mistake #4: Mentioning the Product

The purpose of the headline to get the reader’s attention and convince them that it is worth their time to keep reading. Don’t mention a product – there are other parts of your web page that are designed to invite the sale.

Mistake #5: Being Modest

If you don’t toot your own horn, no one else will…so toot it in your headlines! If your headline is listing the results your clients can enjoy, don’t make them the average results your clients experience, make them golden results – the best results possible!

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