4 Simple Web Pages to Fill Your Programs

When you’re filling your programs online, your website is an essential element to attract and enroll clients. The problem is, I see so many people making major mistakes with their website – and struggling with low marketing results.

Getting Clients Online

The most common mistake is designing the structure of your site like a brochure, with a home page and a menu that allows visitors to browse all the pages. These websites can be really pretty, but they are NOT the effective marketing system you need to grow your list and fill your programs.

For your website to serve as a marketing machine, it needs to be set up like a funnel, or a step-by-step pathway that guides people from interested to invested. Each page only gives people one choice at a time. This type of funnel website can still be attractive and elegant.

The single most important ingredient on each of these pages is the copy. When it’s enticing, people take action! That’s how you get more opt-ins, more qualified consultations booked, and more high paying clients.

Here is an overview of the only 4 pages you need to grow your list and fill your programs.

Web Page #1 – Free Gift Opt-In Page

This page is the portal into your community. It’s how potential clients take the first step to connect with you and learn more from you. Once people sign into your opt-in page, they get their Irresistible Free Gift.

I recommend this be something like a downloadable special report. Any kind of digital download is what we call an instant gratification gift, and it gets way more opt-ins because it’s quick and easy.

Web Page #2 – Free Gift Delivery Page  

On the gift delivery page, your potential clients get the special report download link AND they get a surprise bonus, an educational video explaining the content that’s in the special report.

You want to include the video along with the download because it builds a stronger relationship. If your video is captivating, people will stay on your web page longer to watch it. Plus your video communicates so much more than a written report can – people see you, hear your voice, and connect with your energy. Your presence is just as powerful as your message.

On that same gift delivery page underneath the video, you’ll invite people to take the next step, which is to apply for a complimentary consultation with you.

This part of your page needs to powerfully communicate the value of the session. It needs to have a hot results-oriented name, not just “complimentary consultation.”

For example, one of my clients, Kathleen Graham, offered the “Love Breakthrough Session.” Those sessions led to $100,000 in sales in her first year of working with me!

Web Page #3 – Discovery Session Application Page

Once they click on the link to learn more about your complimentary consultation, they go to web page #3 where they find more hot copy about how this session is going to benefit them. This page also has a form to apply.

I recommend asking people to answer a few screening questions, in addition to giving their contact information, so you can tell if they’re likely a fit a to work with you. One question I like to ask is, “What’s the #1 challenge you’re struggling with [in this area]?”

Web Page #4 – Discovery Session Thank You Page

The fourth and final page of the funnel is the Discovery Session Thank You Page. Here, you thank them for applying, let them know that you’ll email them to schedule a session if their application is approved.

If someone seems like a qualified potential client, you approve their consultation, and then you have the chance to talk with them and enroll them into your program.

Every single part of your marketing needs to be clear and compelling if you want to catch attention and keep it. I highly recommend you get specialized mentoring and coaching to make your marketing messages irresistible to your ideal clients.

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You’ll come away with the clarity you need to skyrocket your business online!

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