31 Weeks and Way Bigger!

At 31 weeks pregnant now, my belly is getting WAY bigger, as you can see in this photo with my friend, Penelope Jane Smith. When people see me, they often say, “Wow you’re REALLY pregnant…when are you due?”

We’re expecting baby Emily to be born on (or around) November 18. Just 2 more months to go! And I’m probably going to feel like a mama elephant by then.

Vrinda Normand

These days, I’m focused on taking great care of our clients in our programs and getting things ready with my team for my maternity leave. I’ll be off for about three months, and I trust everything will keep running smoothly during that time.

You’ll continue to receive new valuable Irresistible Marketing E-Zines and our clients will continue getting served by our courses and Irresistible Marketing Coaches.

I’m SO grateful for the flexibility and freedom my leveraged online business gives me. Especially with a new baby to take care of, it’s going to be GREAT to work part-time from home…all while making a positive impact in the world.

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