3 Myths that Keep You Struggling with Low-Profit Programs

Growing your business by offering online programs can be a fun and fulfilling experience – if you have the right roadmap. After successfully earning over $7 million dollars with my online programs, I’ve figured out the most effective pathway to create abundance with ease and freedom.

I don’t want you to have to waste any more time or money on things that just don’t work! So I’m going to bust the 3 most common myths that keep too many entrepreneurs struggling with low-profit programs that aren’t sustainable.

MYTH #1: “I need to sell my online programs at very low prices.”

You are not alone if you believe in this myth! There are thousands of eBooks and digital products out there for under $100. And there are tons of online courses selling for a couple hundred dollars or less.

While you can make your low-ticket trainings more accessible, that doesn’t actually mean you’re making a bigger impact. And it’s usually not the recipe for a lucrative business.

I believe that investing highly in your growth is the GREATEST sign of your commitment. Through mentoring thousands of entrepreneurs over the past 10 years, I’ve seen that the more people invest, the more committed they are. And the more committed they are, the more value and results they get from my programs.

Highly invested clients show up more and are eager to learn. They take action and create success faster.

This is often not the case with lower paying clients. Across the information marketing industry, the vast majority of people who buy low-ticket products and programs never engage with the training. They just buy it and save it for later…but later almost never comes.

These clients aren’t bad or flaky or irresponsible. Like most people, they’re busy with many things competing for their attention. Because they only invested a small amount in your program or product, working with it is NOT likely to be high on their priority list. So most often it gets forgotten and pushed to the back burner.

When you give people the opportunity to step up and invest a lot more for a premium program, they are saying YES to their transformation in a much bigger way. They’re making it more important, and that’s why they’re prepared to grow faster.

MYTH #2: “To make a bigger impact in the world, I need to reach more people.”

The impact of your programs is not just measured by how many people you reach with them. More importantly, your impact is measured by how profoundly your programs change lives.

Premium programs can offer more in-depth, comprehensive training and support. People have more access to your mentoring and there’s more connection and accountability. This creates a powerful learning environment that’s very effective for clients.

I believe that higher-paying clients achieve greater transformation. I’ve seen this happen over and over again serving 1,000’s of clients in my programs for 10 years.

When you offer high-ticket premium courses, you are inviting clients to invest in themselves, to believe in themselves, at a much higher level. They are so much more committed and ready to create profound change in their lives.

And here’s a surprising tip – you can start by offering high-ticket programs now. You don’t need to have inexpensive entry-level programs first.

You’ll feel more fulfilled, inspired and passionate about your business because you’ll be valued highly for your gifts. You’ll have more time freedom and abundance, and you’ll be making the impact you were born for.

MYTH #3: “A group class is less valuable than 1-1 sessions.”

Many people assume that a group class should be inexpensive because there are so many inexpensive group classes out there.

The truth is, the value of your program has nothing to do with the fact that it’s a group. And you should never limit your prices by comparing yourself to others.

The value of your course is in…

The quality of your systems

The clarity of your teaching

The experience you create

The growth your clients achieve

People get educated about your value through your marketing. When you make your messages irresistible, you’ll be able to confidently enroll clients in your higher ticket programs.

Your next step…

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